Maiko Zulu

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Maiko Zulu
Maiko Zulu.jpg
Maiko at Zambia International trade fair in July 2001
Background information
Occupation(s)Singer, producer, songwriter, MUVI Tv studio manager
Years active1996–present

Maiko Zulu is a Zambian musician,[1] human rights activist[2] and a recognized International labour organisation child ambassador to Zambia. His work both in the music industry and human rights arena is well known both locally and internationally.[3]

Early life[edit]

Maiko was born in Livingstone, Zambia which is a tourist capital city of Zambia. He grew up on his family owned farm. Maiko moved to Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia at the age of six according to his biography on Maiko Zulu website,.[4] It was while in Lusaka that maiko began his singing career. He entered the music industry with a stage name called St. Michael, a name he later changed.[5] According to Times of Zambia newspaper interview with Zulu, Zulu said that he changed his name "to maintain his African origin hence, adoption of the local spelling of Maiko".[6]

Music career[edit]

Maiko is a songwriter, musician and a producer. His songs has included a Mad president, a song which the state owned TV Broadcaster refused to play on their station,.[7][8][9]

Maiko currently also works as a Studio manager at Muvi TV studios in Lusaka.


  1. In the Ghetto (2001)
  2. Pressure (2003)
  3. Mad President (2006)
  4. Monk Square Revolution (2008)

Community work[edit]

Maiko is credited for promoting human rights in Zambia. He received an award for this work from the International Labour Organization.[10] He speaks on behalf of the poor, especially children.[11] He is also an outspoken critic of politicians. He recently took part in a protest against the Zambian ruling political parts' continued harassment of Journalists.[12] He has also raised money and donated basic necessity goods to prisons[13]


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