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Mailjet SAS
Industry Technology
Founded 2010
Founder Julien Tartarin, Wilfried Durand
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people
Alexis Renard

Mailjet is a Paris-based, all-in-one Email Service Provider (ESP) that allows businesses to send both marketing and transaction email. Founded in 2010 by Julien Tartarin and Wilfried Durand, the company now serves over 35,000 customers.[1]


Mailjet initially raised $300,000 through eFounders in 2012, then $3.3 Million through Series A later that year and a further $3 Million in 2014 through Alven Capital, eFounders and private investors. Mailjet reached the 1 Billion emails sent mark in mid 2012. In 2015 it raised an additional $11 Million through Alven Capital, Iris Capital and Seventure Partners to grow its team to 100+ employees, with the aim to attract larger clients.[2][3][4][5]


Mailjet's cloud platform allows users to create both email marketing campaigns and send transactional email via their website or CRM. In 2014 Mailjet, added a new feature named 'A/X testing' to allow users go beyond traditional A/B testing, and test up-to 10 different variations.[6][7]

In June 2015, Mailjet released their latest template builder named 'Passport'. This is a design tool that helps their users create email newsletters using drag and drop functionality, whilst creating a responsive email. It is built on ReactJS, which is known to be the same technology Facebook uses for their user interface.[8][9]

Mailjet launched its open source markup language, MJML, at the beginning of 2016. MJML aims to simplify the development of email responsive design, enabling developers to create beautifully rendered emails in the most popular email clients. In June 2016, Mailjet launched its Email Automation feature, continuing the development of its cloud platform. The tool is designed to give SMBs the same tools as their larger enterprises at an affordable cost.[10][11]

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