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Theth Radohima MajaArapit.jpg
Radohima seen from Theth
Highest point
Elevation 2,568 m (8,425 ft) [1][2]
Listing Ultra
Coordinates 42°25′38″N 19°43′33″E / 42.42722°N 19.72583°E / 42.42722; 19.72583Coordinates: 42°25′38″N 19°43′33″E / 42.42722°N 19.72583°E / 42.42722; 19.72583
Location Kukës, Albania
Parent range Albanian Alps
Age of rock Triassic
Mountain type Limestone

Radohima (Albanian: Maja e Radohimës) is a mountain within the Albanian Alps in northern Albania.

Radohima rises between the Shala and Cem Valley. The massif of the Radohima has several other peaks with Maja e Radohimës at 2,568 metres (8,425 ft) being the highest peak of the massif. To the east, the mountain drops steeply over 1,500 metres into the valley of River Shala. The other peaks of the Radohima massif include Maja Tat 2,543 metres (8,343 ft), Maja Visens 2,517 metres (8,258 ft), Maja Reshkullit 2,496 metres (8,189 ft), and Maja Kuc 2,496 metres (8,189 ft).[3]

View from Theth
Gropat e Radohimes
View from Theth

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