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Directed byJayaraj
Produced byAlex Varghese
Written byMadambu Kunhukuttan
Rajan Poduwal
Suresh Gopi
Music byRamesh Narayan
CinematographyM. J. Radhakrishnan
Release date
11 March 2005

Makalkku[1] is a 2005 Malayalam film, made in India, by Jayaraj, and starring Suresh Gopi and Shobana in lead roles.[2]

Noted Indian singer Adnan Sami performed a song in this movie, which became a superhit. Shobhana's performance as a mentally challenged woman won critical acclaim.[3]


A woman gives birth to a daughter on the streets, her identity is unknown, and she is non-responsive. Her daughter, Manasi, is raised in the mental asylum, and looked after with love by the staff of the mental asylum. Manasi's intrusion into the lives of these patients becomes a rain to those dry lives. They eagerly take care of the child with the assistance of other hospital staff. A girl named Bindu, who was falsely accused of being mad, takes into deeply caring for Manasi. Her enchanting lullaby flows around the whole asylum like a settling relief. Few days later, Bindu is asked to leave the asylum on grounds of being totally sane. But she prefers her home at the asylum with her friends saying that the world outside is totally strange for her. Dr. Warrier is helpless. So she bids farewell to her dear Manasi and the others at the asylum. Her departure marks a point of deep aching grief to everyone at the hospital. The next day, it is revealed in the newspaper that Bindu had committed suicide. Thereafter, Manasi grows older winning the hearts of everyone at the hospital. Shortly, a notice from Human Rights Commission arrives, asking the authorities to let go of Manasi's care. Although the chief doctor, Dr. Warrier wishes to adopt her it is denied and she is later taken away by the state social welfare department.



The film's soundtrack contains 8 songs, all composed by Ramesh Narayan. Lyrics by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri, Rifat Sulthan and Anil Panachooran.

# Title Singer(s)
1 "Chaanchaadiyaadi" Gayatri Asokan
2 "Chaanchaadiyaadi" Adnan Sami
3 "Mukilin Makale" Manjari
4 "Baharon Ko Chaman" Hariharan
5 "Edavamaasa Perumazha" Dhanu Jayaraj
6 "Edavamaasa Perumazha" Balachandran Chullikkad
7 "Paavakali" Jassie Gift, Madhushree Narayan
8 "Paavakali [Karaoke with Madhuree]" Madhushree Narayan



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