Make This Love Right

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"Make This Love Right" (more commonly known as "The Ball and Chain"), is a single written and produced by New Jersey acid house disc jockey Romanthony. The song was released on Azuli Records of New York in 1993. The song was something of an anomalous cultural craze in the city of Cork, Republic of Ireland, in the late 1990s where it became an anthem for club goers.[citation needed] Copies of the record were routinely sold for close to IE£100 (€127) in the city[citation needed] and it received extensive air-play on mainstream local radio and in nightclubs.[citation needed]

The nickname for the record comes from the prominent lines in the song:

The ball and chain, will never break me down well. See I can't stand the pain, well, of having you around. I want to get higher, higher and higher, and soar on through the sky.

Such was the demand for the record in Cork that a special repress was made in the year 2000.[citation needed]