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Making Music
Making Music Magazine cover.jpg
Editor Antoinette Follett
Categories Music magazines
Frequency Bi-monthly
Circulation 35,000
Publisher Bentley Hall, Inc.
First issue November/December 2004
Country United States
Based in Syracuse, New York
Language English
ISSN 1552-2946

Making Music magazine is a bi-monthly lifestyle music magazine devoted to the recreational musician and all instruments and genres of music. Their tag line is "Better Living Through Recreational Music Making."[1]

The first issue debuted in November/December 2004.[2] It is published six times per year by Bentley Hall, Inc., located in the Armory Square district of Syracuse, New York.[3]


The magazine defines its purpose as follows: "Making Music magazine encourages recreational musicians to become more engaged in playing their instruments and to participate in the larger music making community."[4]

Featured celebrities and cover stories[edit]

Celebrity Occupation
Jason Mraz[5] Professional singer, musician, guitarist
Alex Skolnick[6] Guitarist
Chad Smith[7] Drummer
Michael Feinstein[8] Singer, pianist, and music revivalist
Steve Martin[9] Actor and comedian
Victor Wooten[10] Bass player
Daniel Ho[11] Ukulele player
Lisa Loeb Singer-songwriter
Liberty DeVitto[12] Drummer
Jim Brickman[13] Pianist
Béla Fleck[14] Banjo player
Lita Ford[15] Rock musician
Jake Shimabukuro[16] Ukulele player
David Cassidy[17] Pop singer
Paul Adelstein[18] Actor, Private Practice
Benjamin Utecht[19] Former NFL football player, Indianapolis Colts
Bernie Williams[20] Baseball player, New York Yankees
Jeff Daniels[21] Actor, Dumb and Dumber
Lisa Glasberg Radio personality
David Pogue[22] Author
Robin Meade[21] News anchor, HLN
Mitch Albom[23] Author, The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Dave Barry Author and columnist, The Miami Herald
Montel Williams[24] Talk show host, The Montel Williams Show
Michael and Kevin Bacon[25] Actors
Mike Huckabee[26] Politician
Harry Shearer[27] Actor and comedian
Ken Follett[28] Author
Dean Fearing[29] Chef, Food Network
John O'Hurley[30] Actor
Greg Grunberg[31] Actor, Heroes
Lester Holt[32] News anchor, NBC
Nicole Sullivan[33] Actress, The King of Queens
Bob and Mike Bryan[34] Professional tennis doubles champions


The magazine claims the following reader demographics:

Circulation: 35,000 Average age: 35+ Average income: $50,000+ [4]


Each issue follows this general format:

  • Feature stories: Interviews with famous and not-so-famous recreational musicians and organizations, with a focus on the lifestyle benefits of playing and sharing music.
  • Tips & Techniques: Guides to music theory for beginners and intermediate musicians, maintenance tips, good practice techniques, and how to play with others.
  • Health issues: Advice on keeping the body in shape, health tools, ergonomic issues, music and memory, etc.
  • Product Spotlights: New product features, plus in-depth guides to buying instruments and accessories.[35]


The magazine employs a staff of 10:[4]

  • Antoinette Follett - Editor-In-Chief
  • Cherie Yurco - Assistant Editor
  • Ryan Connors - Social Media Manager
  • Neil Connors - Online editor
  • Chuck Schiele - Graphic Designer
  • Jon Dufort - Web Manager
  • Christopher Russo - Advertising Manager
  • Sharon Fumano-Kyle - Accounts Payable
  • Arturo Parrilla - Subscription Coordinator


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