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Maksim Fridman (Максим Ефимович Фридман)
Born (1903-04-22)22 April 1903
Moscow, USSR
Died 18 June 1990(1990-06-18) (aged 87)
Frunze (now Bishkek), Kyrgyzstan
Citizenship USSR
Fields medicine
Institutions Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
Alma mater Irkutsk State University
Doctoral students Mambet Mamakeev [1] ru:Мамбет Мамакеевич Мамакеев
Influences Drs. Sapozhnikov, Solov'ev, Trutnev, Ognev.
Notable awards order of the Red Star, two order of the Red Banner of Labour

Maksim Fridman was a Doctor of Science in Medicine, author of over 60 papers in abdominal and emergency surgery, urology, purulent and battle-field surgery.


Maksim Fridman was born in Tulun, Irkutsk Governorate, into a Jewish family of Efim (Khaim) Ivanovich (Izrailevich) Fridman and Maria (Rakhil) Eduardovna Gillelson. Efim Ivanovich was a medical doctor, zemskii medical officer, and Maria Eduardovna was a dentist. Maksim was the second child in the family and had three sisters: Sofia, Nadezhda, and Elena. Education was the focus of the upbringing in the family, the children were raised with three governesses from England, France, and Germany, and were allowed to speak in Russian only on Sundays. In 1919 Maksim graduated from gymnasium (school) with silver medal (his older sister Sonia, who graduated with the gold medal, taunted him: "Maksin'ka, silver medal is only given to bitches...") and became a student of Irkutsk University, Department of Jurisprudence. Next year he transferred to the Department of Medicine. Maksim received M.D. in 1925.

In 1939 married Felitsia Yakovlevna Sheinbaum (jurist and economist). In 1940 they had son Alik (Alexei Fridman). It was a happy marriage.

1925 - surgeon, Railroad Hospital, Innokent'evskaya station (now Irkutsk station).

1927 - ordinator, surgery clinic of Irkutsk University

1929 - surgeon, Usole Regional Hospital, Irkursk Region

1931 - Moscow Clinic (need information)

1932 - 1934 - drafted to the Red Army, senior doctor, 56th Cavalry Regiment.

1934 - surgeon, Vsehsvyatsky Ambulatory, Moscow

1935 - entered graduate school, 1st department of clinical surgery, Institute of Continuing Medical Education for Doctors

1938 - drafted to work on batter field as a surgeon, lake Khasan

1941 - Ph.D. in medicine

1941 - 1945 - surgery, Air Force Army department. During that time, developed a surgery for pilots whose fingers were frozen off (when the glass in the pit was broken, the fingers would be frozen and then amputated) with cutting into the palm and creating the ability for the pilots without fingers to hold objects.

1949 - Sci. Doctor in Medicine, dissertation "Motion points in muscles of upper extremities of human, and their practical significance".

1952 - 1973 Head of the surgery department [2], Kyrgyz Republic Medical Institute, now Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.

1973 - 1981 - Professor and consultant, surgery department, Kyrgyz Republic Medical Institute, now Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.

Author of over 60 papers in abdominal and emergency surgery, urology, purulent and battlefield surgery, Maksim Fridman was doctor adviser for one Sci. Doctor, Mambet Mamakeev (ru:Мамакеев, Мамбет Мамакеевич), and 15 Ph.D. in medicine doctors. Interesting successful medical cases of Dr. Fridman include reviving a group of alpinists that were found after 3 days buried under snow avalanche by directing to transport them with heads in snow and then slowly warming while keeping heads at low temperature. The female patient died and three male patients survived. (need year (60s?) and details; one of the state awards) and two cases when a patient was shot in the heart during heart contraction, the pericarduim filled with blood preventing expansion, and the heart stopped. Both times the patient was revived (a battlefield soldier and a crime victim).


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