Maltose crackers

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Maltose cracker
Maltose cracker-hk snack.jpg
Type Cracker
Region or state Hong Kong
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Maltose crackers is a traditional and popular food in Hong Kong. Some sweet maltose mixed with two salty soda crackers.[1] Maltose crackers became popular in early Hong Kong (1950s-1960s). At the beginning, people tended to use 'counter trade'[2] to get maltose crackers, nowadays, people buy it, or even make it by themselves because it is now rarer to find maltose crackers selling on the market.


Maltose crackers are one of the popular Chinese traditional snacks. It is popular because of its sweet taste. Moreover, its golden appearance and viscosity makes it favorable among children. The soft and smooth texture of the maltose mix with the crisp biscuit have great appeal, and the nutrition value of maltose is high. However, the price of maltose cracker is low and the ingredients are cheap and easy to buy or make at home.


There are a number of reasons why there are fewer people selling maltose crackers nowadays, but the most important one is that children have so many new choices.[3]

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