Malvina Pastorino

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Malvina Pastorino
Malvina Pastorino.jpg
Born Malvina Pérez Pastorino
16 November 1916
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died May 6, 1994(1994-05-06) (aged 77)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Years active 1949- 1988

Malvina Pastorino (November 16, 1916 in Buenos Aires, Argentina – May 6, 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) was an Argentine film actress.


On-screen chemistry between Pastorino and the man who would become her husband 20 years later, Luis Sandrini in the film Chafalonías (1960).

Born as Malvina Pérez Pastorino, the daughter of immigrants from Piedmont, and cousin to the high-fashion model "Pele" Pelegrina Pastorino. Malvina appeared in more than 20 film and television productions between 1949 and 1988. She was married to comedy actor Luis Sandrini from June 5, 1980 until her death in 1994, aged 77. She is the mother of actor and film maker Sandra Sandrini.

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