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Man @ Work
Man @ Work.jpg
Studio album by
Released22 July 2003
GenreRock, pop rock, acoustic rock
ProducerColin Hay
Colin Hay chronology
Company of Strangers
Man @ Work
Are You Lookin' at Me?

Man @ Work is the eighth studio album by Scottish Australian singer Colin Hay, released by Compass Records in July 2003.[1]


The album is a career-retrospective for Hay: he is best known as the lead singer for the 1980s Australian pop band Men at Work, and roughly half of the songs on this album are Hay's solo studio renderings of works from the Men at Work catalog, while several others are remixes or re-recordings of material from his solo albums. Some songs are almost identical to the original recordings (e.g. "Be Good Johnny") while others are complete reinterpretations (e.g. acoustic versions of "Down Under" and "Who Can It Be Now?").

The album concludes with a version of "Down Under" recorded with the group Wild Clams.

The album was re-released on vinyl in 2014 with different tracklisting replacing several tracks with new ones.


Professional ratings
Review scores

AllMusic gave a mostly negative review of the album, saying of the Men at Work covers that "While such acoustic Men at Work tracks as "Overkill" and "Who Can It Be Now?" are quite charming and worth hearing, the pointless re-recordings of "Be Good Johnny" and "It's a Mistake" (which are almost identical to the originals) are pretty darn pointless." They summarized his solo reworkings as "worth hearing, but of course, they're not up to the high Business as Usual standards." They concluded that the album "will only be of interest to the hardest of hardcore Colin Hay fan."[2]

The Associated Press wrote that, "In the best possible sense, Man @ Work is like Colin Hay's cover version of his own greatest hits album."[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Colin Hay, except where noted.[3]

No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1."Beautiful World" (alternate mix) Company of Strangers3:39
2."Down Under" (acoustic version)Hay, Ron StrykertMen at Work's Business as Usual3:33
3."Overkill" (acoustic version) Men at Work's Cargo3:47
4."Storm in My Heart" (new recording) Wayfaring Sons3:09
5."Looking for Jack" (new recording)Hay, Jeremy AlsopLooking for Jack4:07
6."Don't Be Afraid" Previously unreleased2:56
7."It's a Mistake" (new recording) Cargo4:46
8."Waiting for My Real Life to Begin" (re-release)Hay, Thom MooneyGoing Somewhere5:45
9."To Have and to Hold" Previously unreleased3:29
10."Who Can It Be Now?" (acoustic version) Business as Usual3:24
11."Be Good Johnny" (new recording)Hay, Greg HamBusiness as Usual3:35
12."Love is Innocent" Previously unreleased4:43
13."Down Under" (new recording, featuring Cecilia Noel & the Wild Clams)Hay, StrykertBusiness as Usual4:48
LP Side One
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1."Beautiful World" (alternate mix) Company of Strangers3:39
2."Down Under" (acoustic version)Hay, StrykertBusiness as Usual3:33
3."Love is Innocent" (re-release) Previously unreleased4:43
4."It's a Mistake" (acoustic version / new recording) Cargo4:46
5."Waiting for My Real Life to Begin" (re-release)Hay, MooneyGoing Somewhere5:45
Side Two
No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
6."Who Can It Be Now?" (acoustic version) Business as Usual3:24
7."Overkill" (acoustic version) Cargo3:47
8."I Can See It in Your Eyes" (acoustic version / new recording) Business as Usual4:30
9."I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" (radio edit) Transcendental Highway4:24
10."Down by the Sea" (acoustic version)Hay, Strykert, Ham, Jerry SpeiserBusiness as Usual3:35


  • Colin Hay – acoustic guitar, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Jeff Babko – organ, piano, keyboards
  • Luis Conte – percussion
  • Johnathon Dresel – drums
  • Jimmy Earl — bass
  • Bill Esparza – saxophone
  • Chad Fischer — percussion, drums, recorder, background vocals
  • Mario Gonzales – trumpet
  • Greg Ham – flute
  • Andrés "Dez" Hernandez – turntables
  • Eric Jorgensen – trombone
  • Cecilia Noël – piano, background vocals, vocal harmony
  • Lee Thornburg – trumpet
  • Guillermo Vadala – bass
  • Lyle Workman — guitar
  • Toshi Yanagi – guitar


  • Producer: Colin Hay
  • Engineers: Dave Dale, Juan Pablo Fallucca, Chad Fischer, Colin Hay, Edwardo McKinley
  • Mixing: Juan Pablo Fallucca, Chad Fischer, Colin Hay, Edwardo McKinley
  • Loops: Chad Fischer
  • Drum programming: Chad Fischer
  • Design: Griffin Norman
  • Photography: Gregory Cannon, Cecilia Noël
  • Cover painting: Norval


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