Man Singh Tomar

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Raja Man Singh Tomar
The Ruler of Gwalior
Reign 1486 CE - 1516 CE
Predecessor Kalyanmal Tomar
Successor Vikramaditya Tomar
Born Gwalior
Died 1516 CE
Spouse Gurjar Queen Mrignayani
House Tomara Dynasty
Father Kalyanmal Tomar
Religion Hinduism

Raja Man Singh Tomar was a Tomar Rajput ruler of Gwalior who ascended the throne in 1486 CE.[1]


Raja Man Singh Tomar was born to Raja Kalyanmall Tomar of Gwalior. He ruled for over 30 years.[citation needed]

Raja Man Singh was a great warrior and great patron of music. One of the nine gems of his court was Tansen.[2] He was patron of Dhrupad Gharana.[3]

In 15th century Man Singh Tomar built Gujari Mahal,[4] a monument of love for his Gujari Queen Mrignayani.[5]


The 15th century Gujari Mahal is a monument of love by Raja Man Singh Tomar for his Gurjari queen, Mrignayani. After he had wooed her after promise to fulfill his three wishes. Mrignayani demanded a separate palace with a constant water supply from the River Rai, she demanded to be always with the king in war. The outer structure of the Gurjari Mahal has survived in an almost total state of preservation, the interior has been now converted into an archaeological museum.

Within Gwalior Fort, also built by Raja Mansingh Tomar, is the Man Mandir Palace,[6] built between 1486 CE and 1517 CE. Mansingh is creditted to have been defeated Sikander Lodi, who was Delhi Sultan at that time.


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