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Athisaya Manal Matha (Tamil: "அதிசய மணல் மாதா") Shrine is located in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu, the southern district of SOKKAN KUDIERUPPU About 5 km Located at a distance of Teriyorakkarai.[1]

Church History: In the first century AD, St. Thomas, started spreading Christianity in the state of Kerala, which is on the west coast of India. By preaching about Lord Jesus, he started to draw the Indian people towards Christianity. During that period. St. Thomas started healing many people from deadly diseases. By doing those miraculous things, his fame began to spread across Kerala and neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

During the first century A.D., the southern tip of India, was under the regime of Pandya Ruler Kandappa Rasa. The king and his family was suffering from a lot of diseases. During this period, he came to know about the miraculous power of St. Thomas through the traders who used to visit Kerala for selling their spices. On hearing about St. Thomas, the king left for Kerala immediately to meet him and described his sufferings and brought St. Thomas to Tamil Nadu.

With the blessing of Lord Jesus, St. Thomas healed the sufferings of King and his family. The king was surprised by the miraculous powers of St. Thomas.

St. Thomas preached Christianity to the King and his followers and they soon started following Christianity. St. Thomas renamed the King as "Sabor".

As a mark of respect, the King donated 3 cents of land to St. Thomas to build a church for Mother Mary. As per tradition in those days, St. Thomas built the church with palm leaves. This piece of land was the first in India to be donated to Christianity.

In this church, St. Thomas embibed[check spelling] a holy cross made of wood and instructed the people to pray the cross. St. Thomas marked the letters INRI on the top portion of the cross. The church built on 3 cents of land donated to St. Thomas is the " Athisaya Manalmatha Church ".[2]

St. Xavier 's visit In the 16th century, St.Xavier started preaching Christianity in India. He started preaching Holy Bible in Southern part of Tamil Nadu. During that time he was preaching in Manapadu Malai. St.Xavier came to know about the church of Manalmatha in Kanakkan Kudieruppu and he also came to know that the Christians in Kanakkan Kudieruppu were all followers of St. Thomas and he was very eager to visit the " Athisaya Manalmatha church ".[3]

Church Visibility: Due to a sandstorm (which is considered a punishment given to the people), the church was covered. Later in 1798 the church was again discovered by a Shepard boy miraculously.


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