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Manasanamaha, vertical color.jpg
Directed byDeepak Reddy
Written byDeepak Reddy
Produced byGajjala Shilpa
StarringViraj Ashwin
Drishika Chander
Valli Raghavender
Prithvi Sharma
Bunny Abhiran.
CinematographyEdurolu Raju
Edited byKala Studio
Music bySyed Kamran
Kala Motion pictures
Release date
  • 28 March 2020 (2020-03-28)
Running time
16 minutes 24 seconds

Manasanamaha (transl. Salutations to Mind) is a 2020 Indian Telugu-language non-linear romantic drama short film written and directed by Deepak Reddy. It is produced by Gajjala Shilpa starring Viraj Ashwin and Drishika Chander in lead roles. The film is critically acclaimed. Many popular filmmakers and actors praised the film for its technical aspects and production. The film was screened at various film festivals and received many accolades.[1] The film was dubbed into Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada languages.


Surya (Viraj Aswin) is a young man who narrates the story about his three past love relationships. Each story's love interest represent three different seasons, which are Chaithra (summer), Varsha (rainy) and Seetha (winter). The three names represent his three past partners. The film is narrated in a reverse manner. Every scene goes backwards to the starting point from the ending.


  • Viraj Ashwin as Surya
  • Drishika Chander as Chaithra
  • Valli Raghvender as Varsha
  • Prithvi Sharma as Seetha
  • Bunny Abhiran as Surya's friend
  • Baby Sahasra
  • Satya Varma
  • Deepak Varma
  • Mahesh


The film is Reddy's third short film. It was with a production budget of US$5000. The film was shot in 5 days but had an excessive pre-production and post-production work. Deepak's team designed 2D animated storyboards so that the crew had no ambiguity in what to execute.[2]

Reception[edit] wrote that "The production values, performance, narration, and especially the reverse camera shots have made this short film a talking point. Young director Deepak has surely made a mark in Tollywood."[3]

Taryll Baker of ukfilmreview in his review about the film wrote that "Manasanamaha is a perfect display of the greatness of world cinema, and how talented these filmmakers are. In terms of concept, it’s fairly straightforward. But on a technical level, this short film raised the bar. Manasanamaha is a fantastic, stunning, colourful and uplifting film, not to be missed. Several scenes shift from a point-of-view perspective, back to the usual ‘fourth wall.’ It's these shifts, paired with the reverse effect that makes Manasanamaha so inviting and engaging. There's a lot of creativity oozing from every frame, not only visually but musically, too."[4]

Adva Reichman of Cult Critic wrote that "The cinematic choices elevated the script. The shots were exact, and were used perfectly while toying with our expectations, the camera work was impeccable and precise, and the acting was on point and endearing, thus making the overall outcome worth your time and attention."[5]

Film threat's Alan Ng wrote that "I loved this short film. It’s smart and insightful…and it comes from my guy’s perspective. It’s honest enough to admit that we have our own hangups and foibles when it comes to the other sex. There’s an animation element that I’m not sure was needed, but a solid short film all around with the scenes in reverse as its highlight. Manasanamaha is a production from India, but the challenges of finding love are universal."[1]


Official selections[edit]

Festival/Event Location Country
Catalina Film Festival Los Angeles United States
Woods Hole Film Festival Massachusetts United States
Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (BAFTA Qualifier) Wales United Kingdom
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival Bay Area United States
Lake City International Film Festival Gwalior India
Bengaluru international Short Film Festival (Oscar qualifying) Bengaluru India
Bare Bones International Film Festival Oklahoma United States
Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema California United States
Garden State Film Festival New Jersey United States
Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Melbourne Australia
Crystal Palace international Film Festival London United Kingdom
Jaipur international Film Festival Jaipur India
Cyrus International Film Festival of Toronto Toronto Canada
Detroit Trinity International Film Festival Detroit United States
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival Texas United States
Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival Dublin Ireland
Tagore International Film Festival Kolkata India
Oregon Short Film Festival[6] Oregon United States
Harlem International Film Festival[7] New York United States
Long Island International Film Expo New York United States


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