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Manatsu Akimoto
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Akimoto in 2018
Native name
秋元 真夏
Born (1993-08-20) August 20, 1993 (age 26)
Tokyo, Japan
  • Singer
  • Actress
  • Television personality
Years active2011–
Known forNogizaka46

Manatsu Akimoto (秋元 真夏, Akimoto Manatsu, born August 20, 1993 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese idol, actress, and television personality. She is a member of the Japanese girl group Nogizaka46, and is also active in various variety programs on television.

Life and career[edit]

Akimoto was born in Tokyo on August 20, 1993.[1] Her family moved to Saitama Prefecture when she was 7 months old, where she was raised.[2] She was the vice-president of the student council in middle school and was active in home economics and cooking clubs. In high school, she was the student council president.[3] In her 3rd year of high school, she was informed about Nogizaka46 1st Generation member auditions and recruitment. However, Akimoto's career goals at the time were closer towards a television presenter or actress and she was not actively interested in becoming an idol.[3] She ended up signing for the auditions on the final deadline date when she stumbled upon the news on her phone.[4]

Akimoto passed the auditions on August 21, 2011, becoming one of the 1st Generation members and temporary main selection member.[5][6] However, due to her studies and obligations, she was not active with the rest of the members until she graduated from high school in April 2012.[7][8] Akimoto enrolled in university, but against her parents' wishes she returned to join Nogizaka46, enrolling in training to prepare for her debut.[9] She was present at almost all Nogizakatte, Doko? studio recordings and Nogizaka46 live concerts as a trainee.[10][11]

In October 2012, Akimoto was selected as a main selection member for the 4th single Seifuku no Mannequin during the recording of a Nogizakatte, Doko? episode, marking her unexpected debut as an official member of Nogizaka46.[12][11] She debuted as an actress in the television drama Bad Boys J in April 2013.[13] As of 2019, Akimoto is active as a regular main selection member of Nogizaka46. She is also active as a television personality, with numerous appearances on variety shows as a panelist, guest and assistant MC.[14][15]

On August 14, 2019, Akimoto was named the next captain of Nogizaka46 effective following the graduation of fellow member and the first captain, Reika Sakurai.[16]


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