Manatsu no Kōsen

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"Manatsu no Kōsen"
Single by Morning Musume
from the album Second Morning
Released May 12, 1999 (JP)
Format CD single (8 cm & 12 cm)
Recorded 1999
Genre Japanese Pop
Length 14:33 (8 cm CD)
19:42 (12 cm CD)
Label zetima
Producer(s) Tsunku
Morning Musume singles chronology
"Memory Seishun no Hikari"
"Manatsu no Kōsen"
Music video
"Manatsu no Kōsen" on YouTube

"Manatsu no Kōsen" (真夏の光線, A ray of light in midsummer?) is the fifth single of the J-pop idol group Morning Musume, released on May 12, 1999 as an 8 cm CD. It sold a total of 235,010 copies, and reached number three on the Oricon Charts. In 2004, It was re-released as part of the Early Single Box and again in 2005, as a 12 cm CD. The lead vocalist of this single was Natsumi Abe. It was first single without Asuka Fukuda

Track listing[edit]

8 cm CD[edit]

  1. Manatsu no Kōsen (真夏の光線, A ray of light in midsummer?) – 5:07
  2. Koi no Shihatsu Ressha (恋の始発列車, Love's first train?) – 4:20
  3. Manatsu no Kōsen (Instrumental) (真夏の光線 (Instrumental)?) – 5:06

12 cm CD (Early Single Box and individual release)[edit]

  1. Manatsu no Kōsen (真夏の光線?) – 5:09
  2. Koi no Shihatsu Ressha (恋の始発列車?) – 4:22
  3. Manatsu no Kōsen (Instrumental) (真夏の光線 (Instrumental)?) – 5:11
  4. Manatsu no Kōsen (Early Version) (真夏の光線 (Early Version)?) – 5:00

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