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Mandarin is a lengthy Robert Elegant novel published by Simon & Schuster in 1983. It is set in China during the Taiping Rebellion.[1]



  • Saul Haleevie - an Orthodox rabbi and Shanghai silk merchant.
  • Sarah - Saul's worrisome wife.
  • Fronah - Saul and Sarah's daughter.
  • Aisek Lee - a Chinese silk merchant and partner of Saul Haleevie born into Judaism. He becomes imprisoned and Saul, Aaron, and David try to bribe government officials to get him out of prison.
  • Aaron - Aisek's son.
  • David - Aisek's son.
  • Lionel - Fronah's first husband, who becomes an opium addict and dies.
  • Gabriel Hyde - Fronah's second husband, who has a Jewish mother.
  • Yehenala - ambitious, clever, and beautiful concubine who manipulates the corrupt emperor into having his first child by her.


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