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Hamitköy is located in Cyprus
Location in Cyprus
Coordinates: 35°13′25″N 33°22′44″E / 35.22361°N 33.37889°E / 35.22361; 33.37889Coordinates: 35°13′25″N 33°22′44″E / 35.22361°N 33.37889°E / 35.22361; 33.37889
Country  Cyprus
 • District Nicosia District
Country (controlled by)  Northern Cyprus
 • District Lefkoşa District
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 5,338

Hamitköy is an affluent northern suburb of North Nicosia in Cyprus.[2] Hamitköy is under the de facto control of Northern Cyprus, and, since 2008, it has been under the jurisdiction of the Nicosia Turkish Municipality.[3] As of 2011, Hamitköy had a population of 5,338. Prior to its urbanisation, it was better known as Mandres (Greek: Μάντρες) or Hamit Mandres (Greek: Χαμίτ Μάντρες).