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Mangfallknie (flussabwärts).JPG
Mangfall bend, looking downstream
State Bavaria, Germany
Reference no. DE: 182
Basin features
Main source Sources: tailstream of the Tegernsee
726 m above sea level (NN)
47°44′52″N 11°44′07″E / 47.74778°N 11.73528°E / 47.74778; 11.73528Coordinates: 47°44′52″N 11°44′07″E / 47.74778°N 11.73528°E / 47.74778; 11.73528
River mouth in Rosenheim into the Inn
444 m above sea level (NN)
47°51′35″N 12°08′10″E / 47.85972°N 12.13611°E / 47.85972; 12.13611
Progression Inn → Danube → Black Sea
River system Danube
Basin size 1,099 km²
Waterbodies Lakes: Tegernsee
Physical characteristics
Length 58 km

The Mangfall is a left tributary of the River Inn in Upper Bavaria. It is 58 km long. The Mangfall is the tailstream of the Tegernsee lake and discharges near Rosenheim into the Inn.

Towns and villages on the Mangfall[edit]


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The Mangfall in Rosenheim