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Manly United
Full nameManly United Football Club
GroundCromer Park
ChairmanRay Fanning
CoachPatrick Zwaanswijk
20238th of 16
WebsiteClub website

Manly United Football Club is an Australian soccer club based in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. The club competes in the National Premier Leagues NSW and their home ground is Cromer Park, in the suburb of Dee Why, approximately 15 minutes away from Manly.

Its main grandstand is named after former Socceroo captain Lucas Neill, who played for the club as a junior before playing overseas at Blackburn Rovers and West Ham United.

Manly United Football Club Ltd. was officially formed in 2004 by the Manly Warringah Soccer Association.[1] However, there have been many representative teams competing for the association prior to this date. Notably, the previous club was called Manly Warringah Dolphins, that formed from the merger of Manly-North Shore United and Warringah Freshwater at the close of the 1991 NSW Division 1 season for the start of the upcoming 1992 NSW Super League season.[2]


Neerlandia / Manly Warringah[edit]

A Dutch club called Neerlandia competed in the 1959 Sydney Federation Division Two, won the premiership and gained entry into the Sydney Federation Division One for 1960.[3]

The club changed its name to Manly Warringah from 1960. The side had spent 14 seasons throughout the New South Wales top flight in 1960, 1968, and from 1976 to 1987 before being relegated to Division Two. With the club struggling, it merged with North Shore United in 1991.[4] North Shore United itself was a merger of two clubs Ku-Ring-Gai and North Sydney-Artarmon (for the 1989 season).[5] The Manly-North Shore United merger dissolved after the 1991 NSW Division One season, with Manly merging with Warringah Freshwater.[2] North Shore United would continue to send representative teams to tournaments as Ku-Ring-Gai Districts.

Warringah Freshwater[edit]

Warringah Narrabeen (and from 1986 Warringah Freshwater) was a club that had competed throughout the early 1980s in NSW Division Two, even winning the title in 1983.[6] With promotion in 1984 to NSW Division One, the club maintained mid-lower half of the table across their eight-year sojourn in the top flight. Their highest place finish was 5th, achieved in 1991 before merging with Manly for the newly revamped "NSW Super League" in 1992.

Manly Warringah Dolphins[edit]

The merger of Manly-North Shore United and Warringah Freshwater created the Manly Warringah Dolphins at the close of the 1991 NSW Division 1 season for the start of the upcoming NSW Super League season.[2] The club had gained promotion into the NSW Premier League for the start of the 2004–05 season. At the time, the club was operating solely as a representative branch for the Manly Warringah Soccer Association (MWSA). However, it was a requirement from Soccer NSW that all Federation Clubs be a separate incorporated body and so Manly United Football Club Ltd. was formed.[1]

Manly United (2004–present)[edit]

Manly United have competed in the NSW Tier 1 since 2004–05 when they were elevated to the NSW Premier League after winning the Super League Division. Manly United is considered an important side in the NSWPL, as it is based on a geographical area, rather than founded by a single ethnic group like some other ex-NSL clubs.

The original Logo of the renamed Manly United Football Club in 2004 was a collective of an Osprey sea bird, a Football & a Dolphin joined as one, these three icons represent the local MWFA Association (Osprey), a Football & Manly Warringah Dolphins (Dolphin). The Club again changed its logo in 2016 to reflect the evolution of Manly United Football Club and its ownership and association with Manly Warringah Football Association. [7]

The club is the representative arm of the Manly Warringah Football Association (MWFA), the largest community Football Association in Australia with more than 20,000 players.

Divisional History[edit]

Manly Warringah Dolphins[edit]

Lucas Neill Scholarship and Medal[edit]

Between 2006 and 2012 ex-Manly junior Lucas Neill helped provide opportunities for up and coming footballers from his junior club.[8] Each year the scholarship was awarded to a different young player from Manly to trial in Europe.

Year Recipient
2006 Chris Payne
2007 Simon Beer
2008 Joey Gibbs
2009 Leigh Egger
2010 Tonu Liiband
2011 Jack Green
2012 Thomas Manos

Due to a number of factors including difficulty getting clubs in Europe to provide the opportunity for the players, the scheme was discontinued as Lucas and his advisors looked for a different way to reward the junior players from his junior club.

In 2014 the scholarship was re-branded the Lucas Neill Medal and was extended to include ALL junior members of the club, it was determined that there should be two medals awarded each year, in recognition of the advancements in ladies football. The medal is made from Sterling silver and is laser engraved on the front with a photograph of Lucas when he first became captain of Australia in 2007.

Year Male Recipient Female Recipient
2014 Jake Hollman Remy Siemsen
2015 Tom Fay Remy Siemsen
2016 Ben Koop Ruby Whitaker
2017 Harry McCarthy Holly Newman
2018 Jordan Devries Kahli Johnson
2019 Yannis Frerck Kahli Johnson
2020 Eric Sequeira Hailey Chappelow
2021 Toby Bakewell Valentina Bradley
2022 Jasper Chipman Alice Thompson
2023 Jasper Swadling Sienna Dale

Current Men's squad[edit]

As of February 2024[9]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK Australia AUS Levi Kaye
2 DF Australia AUS Kieren Paull
3 DF Australia AUS Zac Sfiligoi
4 DF Australia AUS Jesse Piriz
5 DF Australia AUS Thomas Fay
6 MF Australia AUS Saxon Hillyer
7 FW Australia AUS Peter Kekeris
8 MF Australia AUS Joe Fox
9 FW Australia AUS Ben Koop
10 FW Australia AUS Harry McCarthy
11 MF Australia AUS Connor Rose
12 MF Spain ESP Miguel Bauzà
No. Pos. Nation Player
13 FW Australia AUS Ezra Palombini
14 MF Australia AUS Stefan Visscher
15 DF Australia AUS Max Martinello
16 MF Australia AUS Stefan Visscher
19 MF Australia AUS Alen Aganovic
25 FW Australia AUS Rocco Pelle
31 GK Australia AUS Jay Coates
34 FW Australia AUS Jack Mason
39 MF Australia AUS Stefano Rosello
45 DF Australia AUS Bilal Belkadi
MF Australia AUS Finn Ashton

Current Women's squad[edit]

As of July 2020.[citation needed]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
  Ally Green
  Bryany Parker
  Cassidy Davis
  Chloe O'Brien
  Claudia Cholakian
  Corinne Winkler
  Elizabeth Copus-Brown
  Emily Minett
  Gemma Van Weeren
  Grace Arnold
No. Pos. Nation Player
  Hannah Peric
  Jane Vanzino
  Nicola Stuart
  Nicole Simonsen
  Remy Siemsen
  Ruby Jackson
  Sunny Franco
  Tara Andrews

Men's Seasons[edit]

Season League Waratah Cup FFA Cup Top scorer
Div Pld W D L GF GA Pts Pos Finals Player(s) Goals
2004–05 NSW Premier League 22 7 7 8 33 29 28 11th 4R
2006 NSW Premier League 18 8 4 6 31 24 28 5th 4R
2007 NSW Premier League 18 8 4 6 26 21 28 4th PF RU
2008 NSW Premier League 22 12 3 7 42 21 39 4th SF 4R
2009 NSW Premier League 22 10 7 5 33 22 37 5th SF RU
2010 NSW Premier League 22 7 4 11 24 31 25 9th QF
2011 NSW Premier League 22 8 7 7 33 37 31 6th W
2012 NSW Premier League 22 6 5 11 26 33 23 10th 3R
2013 NPL NSW 22 6 8 8 34 35 26 8th 4R
2014 NPL NSW 22 7 3 12 31 46 24 10th RU R32
2015 NPL NSW 22 8 3 11 39 38 27 8th 6R
2016 NPL NSW 22 12 7 3 58 26 43 3rd SF RU R32
2017 NPL NSW 22 13 3 6 47 36 42 4th W 4R
2018 NPL NSW 22 7 7 8 33 32 28 8th 5R
2019 NPL NSW 22 7 5 10 25 34 26 9th SF R16
2020 NPL NSW 11 3 3 5 14 18 12 8th cancelled
  = Premiers (premiership positions) or Champions (finals series)
  = Runners-up (premiership or finals series)
PR = Preliminary Round
1R, 2R, 3R...7R = 1st Round, 2nd Round, 3rd Round...7th Round
R32 = Round of 32
R16 = Round of 16
QF = Quarter-final
SF = Semi-final
EF = Elimination Final
PF = Preliminary Final
PO = Playoff Final

Men's Honours[edit]

Men's Club Champions (1): 2016
Champions (1): 2017
Runners Up (1): 2022
Champions (1): 2011
Runners-up (4): 2007, 2009, 2014, 2016

Manly Warringah Dolphins (1992–2004)[edit]

Premiers (1): 1995
Runners-Up (1): 1992
Champions (1): 1995,
Runners-Up (0):
Premiers (1): 2004
Runners-Up (1): 2002
Champions (1): 2001
Runners-Up (2): 1994, 2004


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