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Farmland in the valley of the Manor Water.

Manor Water is a river in the parish of Manor, Peeblesshire in the Scottish Borders. It rises in the Ettrick Forest and flows down through the Maynor valley passing the various farms and hamlets of Maynor as well as Kirkton Manynor where the Maynor kirk and village hall are flowing into the River Tweed one mile south of Peebles at Olde Maynor Brig which is closed to traffic for the foreseeable future.

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Jump to: navigation, search The Manor Water is a river in the Scottish Borders area of Scotland. It rises in the Manor Hills and flows into the River Tweed two miles west of Peebles.

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Coordinates: 55°38′N 3°14′W / 55.633°N 3.233°W / 55.633; -3.233