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The Manorial Society of Great Britain Limited is a private limited company (by Guarantee) and first incorporated on the 30/12/1996. It has a membership of approximately 1,900, comprising Lords of the Manor and feudal barons, peers, as well as historians, mainly from the United Kingdom but also some from Ireland.

Its aims are:

  • To promote the study of English history and traditions, especially the monarchy and British parliamentary institutions
  • To promote the preservation of manorial records
  • To promote awareness of "the Lord's privileges and responsibilities in the local community"
  • To promote comradeship among men and women of like-mind


The Governing Council of the Manorial Society of Great Britain in 2012 includes the following members of the British peerage and knightage, amongst whom one usually hosts an annual reception at the House of Lords.[1]


In 1996 the Society co-published a guide to Manorial Law.[2]

In 2012 the Society published a Manorial Directory, listing a number of surviving manorial lordships and feudal baronies in Great Britain and Ireland, with their histories and biographical information on their current holders.[3]


The original Manorial Society (The Manorial Society) was established as a pressure group in 1906 but did not long survive. The Manorial Society of Great Britain Limited was incorporated in 1996, and has no connection to the original society.[4]


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