Many Wars Ago

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Many Wars Ago
Many Wars Ago.jpg
Directed by Francesco Rosi
Produced by Francesco Rosi
Marina Cicogna
Written by Francesco Rosi
Raffaele La Capria
Tonino Guerra
Based on Emilio Lussu (memoir)
Starring Gian Maria Volontè
Alain Cuny
Pier Paolo Capponi
Music by Piero Piccioni
Cinematography Pasqualino De Santis
Edited by Ruggiero Mastroianni
Distributed by Dubrava Film
Release date
Running time
101 min
Country Italy
Language Italian

Uomini contro (internationally released as Many Wars Ago) is a 1970 Italo-Yugoslav anti war drama film directed by Francesco Rosi.[1][2][3] It is based on the memoir by Emilio Lussu "Un anno sull'altopiano"[4] The Italian title is (most likely) ambiguous and difficult to translate ("Men against" is a word by word translation). However "Un anno sull'altopiano" means "A year on the plateau". The film was screened at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival in honor of Francesco Rosi, deceased a few weeks before.[5]


On the Trentino Front during World War I around 1916–17, Italian army officers demand far too much of their men.

Time after time the soldiers are forced to leave their trenches in attempts to storm the enemy positions, always with the same horrific result. The Austro-Hungarian machine guns inevitably mow them down. In one attack a major is killed, and subsequently every tenth man of his platoon is chosen to be executed by a firing squad of his comrades, in some bizarre kind of compensation for the killed officer. And it gets only worse...


In the movie is possible to see in a scene the type of Brewster Body Shield, an armour used by U.S.Army in World War I and called for Italian army "Corazze Fasina".



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