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Nebo School District
Type and location
Country United States United States
Location 350 S. Main
Spanish Fork, Utah
Utah County
District information
Superintendent Rick Nielsen
Asst. Superintendent(s) Stacey Stephanie
Other information
Website Nebo School District

Nebo School District is a public school district in Utah County, Utah serving the southern part of the county. It lies beneath the Provo City School District and Alpine School District beginning at Utah Lake and moving south. The Nebo School District's slogan is "Your Partner in Education."

With 28,548 students, Nebo is the 7th largest school district in Utah and among the fastest-growing. The district operates 5 high schools, 6 junior high schools, 27 elementary schools, and 2 alternative schools. The district is named for nearby Mount Nebo, the tallest peak in the Wasatch Range.

High schools[edit]

There are currently five high schools in the Nebo School District.

Maple Mountain High School[edit]

Maple Mountain High School is a 2009 high school within the borders of Spanish Fork. The school's enrollment area covers eastern Spanish Fork and all of Mapleton.

  • School colors: Maroon and Gold
  • School mascot: Golden Eagles
  • School slogan: "An Attitude of Excellence"
  • Principal: John Penrod
  • Address: 51 North 2550 East, Spanish Fork, UT 84660
  • Website:

Payson High School[edit]

Payson High School is the only high school in Payson. Enrollment is 1,100.

  • "Founded 1913"
  • School colors: green, silver, and white
  • School mascot: lion
  • School motto: "A lion pride, together we conquer."
  • Principal: Ben Ford
  • Jazz band: received many honors and came out first in the district jazz competition in 2010.
  • Chamber singers: received two 1s at state
  • Marching band: received color guard, visual, music, and first place at the Nebo Tournament of Bands in 2011.
  • Bagpipe band: won numerous awards, including the 2010 WUSPBA Great Basin Branch Grade 5 Championship.
  • Journalism: won awards for best layout and individual awards for articles at the journalism conference at UVU.
  • Biggest rivals: Spanish Fork, and a growing rivalry with Salem
  • Address: 1050 S. Main St., Payson, UT 84651
  • Website: [1]

The current Payson High School was built in 1967 as both a high school and community bomb shelter during the cold war and has a current student enrollment of just over 1000 students in grades 10 through 12. Payson High School was also a site for the filming of the 1984 film Footloose, as is much of the surrounding Payson area.

Payson won state wrestling in 2009 and 2010. The first back-to-back state championship in the history of Payson High School.

Payson High School used to cover one of the largest geographical areas for one high school. It drew students from Payson, Santaquin, Goshen, Genola, and the rural communities of Elberta and Mosida. However, when Salem Hills High School was built in 2008, the areas of Elk Ridge, West Mountain, and portions of Payson no longer attended Payson High School.

Spanish Fork High School[edit]

Spanish Fork High School (SFHS) is one of high schools currently in the district. Spanish Fork High School was built in 1962 and was the first high school in the District. Both Spanish Fork Junior High and Diamond Fork Junior High feed into SFHS. Enrollment at SFHS is close to 1,300 students and includes grades 10-12. Spanish Fork is currently a in the 4A division. Geographic boundaries include the city of Spanish Fork and outlying communities.

  • Mascot: The Mighty Dons
  • School motto: "Here, We Learn for Life", "Rock Solid"
  • School colors: Red and Gray
  • Principal: Dave McKee
  • Address: 99 North 300 West Spanish Fork, UT 84660
  • Website:
  • "Biggest rivals:" Maple Mountain, Salem Hills
  • "Other rivals:" Springville, Payson
  • Boys' athletics: Utah State Champion - Wrestling [1984, 2003, 2004] Basketball [1914] Baseball [1988, 1992, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015] Golf [1996, 1997, 1999] Track & Field [1930, 1931, 1976] Cross Country [1992] Recently boys' baseball won The Sunshine Tournament and state back to back and boys' tennis won The Duel in The Desert as well as region.
  • Girls athletics: Utah State Champion - Track & Field [1997, 1998, 2005, 2007, 2008] Softball [2006, 2011, 2015]Volleyball[1992,1993,1994]

The Spanish Fork High School Gymnasium is a historic building listed on the NRHC. National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1935, this original gymnasium is not located on the current campus of Spanish Fork High School.


  • Marching band: The marching band's 2011 show was simply called "Band," in which all three elements of a musical ensemble: brass, woodwinds, and percussion, are represented by separate movements. They will take this show to the State Marching Band Festival in St. George in October.
  • Jazz band: SFHS Jazz Band focuses on performing as a combo, learning how, in a small group, to listen and respond musically with each other. They will be touring in the 2011/2012 year with the Springville HS Jazz Band to the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, ID.
  • Concert band: The award winning concert band plays standard works for band and is a pre-requisite for marching band. Timing, tuning, and playing with a correct tone are the main objectives of this group. They have played such pieces as Clair de Lune, Sleigh Ride, and Great Gates of Kiev. All Bands directed by Ellen Fudge.
  • Orchestra: There are two orchestras at Spanish Fork. An auditioned chamber orchestra consisting of a double quartet, and a non-auditioned full orchestra. In the spring 2011 concert the orchestra teamed up with the concert band to become a symphony and played Star Wars excerpts as well as Finlandia by Sibelius. The orchestra and band are planning a large tour in the 2012/2013 school year. All orchestras directed by Ellen Fudge.
  • Guitar: there are two levels of guitar taught at SFHS: Beginning Guitar, where you learn basic chords, strumming patterns, how to read notes on a staff, and basic song composition; and Advanced Guitar, which focuses more on genre playing through the classical, bluegrass, jazz, and rock styles. Beginning guitar (or the equivalent) is a pre-requisite for advanced guitar.
  • Choir: concert choir received two 1s and a 1+ at 2009 state.

Springville High School[edit]

Springville High School is the only high school serves and is located in Springville, Utah.


Springville High School's mascot is the Red Devil. The origin of the mascot name dates back to the original construction of the school, when the Red Devil Cement Company assisted significantly in the building. This has become a focal point for controversy several times over the years, most recently in 2002. In this instance some local citizens organized a committee called "Parents for Mascot Review." They argued that the Devil was an unsavory mascot for teens and interpreted school literature bearing the character "pro devil" paraphernalia. Some Latter-day Saint members of this committee believed that they should not support the mascot for its Satanic allusion, citing their religious beliefs as their reasons. Other LDS community members disagreed saying that the church had no official stance on the matter, that the mascot was not satanic, but rather a mythical creature, and that the groups were promoting their own agenda.

Alumni of the school countered that the mascot was not satanic, and had been the official mascot since 1967 when students voted it in. Further they claimed it was historically significant. The name and image came from Red Devil Cement Co., a historically important employer in Springville. An actual cement bag with the Red Devil Cement logo on it can be found in one of the display cases in the high school.

The debate continued on all fronts. Even a popular local band "The Fifth Normal" wrote a song called "Band for Mascot Review," the lyrics of which sarcastically accused the group "Parents for Mascot Review" of being hypocrites, and of ignoring the real problems facing Springville High School, like drugs and teen pregnancy.

Controversy about the mascot drew national attention when the a spokesman for the Navajo Nation commented against it, claiming that "red devil" is a slur against Native Americans and should be removed from the school.

Nonetheless, traditionalists carried popular support in a non-binding poll, and the school board voted to retain the mascot in May 2002. In spite of promises by critics to seek school board offices on the issue, the Red Devil remains the school's mascot as of 2014.


Former principal Rick Robins hired Scott Mitchell as head football coach in 2008. The hire came about after the firing of two-season coach Dan Hansen. With Hansen in 2007, the Red Devils posted 2 wins and 8 losses. Scott Mitchell, a former SHS quarterback who led the Red Devils to their only state title in the 80's, was also a former QB for the University of Utah and a 12-year quarterback in the National Football League before leaving behind a real estate job in Florida to come coach the Red Devils. While the hire was seen by some as just a high-profile visual hire, the community was hopeful that Scott Mitchell would prove to do something positive for the SHS football program and its students. Unfortunately, Coach Mitchell resigned following the 2011 season due to marital issues. However, Mitchell did lead the Red Devils to two showings in the Utah State playoffs with the Red Devils taking 2nd place in 2009 and 3rd place in 2010. The Red Devils have also enjoyed great success in athletics in recent years. Under girls' basketball coach Nancy Warner and former BYU Cougar, the Lady Red Devils finished the 2008-09 campaign as the state 4A tournament runners-up. The Red Devil swim team has continued its dominance by winning back-to-back boys' 4A state championships in 2008 and 2009 under coach Amyee Hargett. The Red Devils have also posted region championships recently in girls' soccer, boys' golf, volleyball, boys' swimming, and girls' basketball.

  • School colors: red and blue
  • Slogan: "Dedicated to Excellence – United in Service – Educated for Success"
  • Website:

Salem Hills High School[edit]

School slogan: "Pursuing Victory With Honor"

Salem Hills High School opened in fall of 2008 under the direction of Principal Ann Anderson. Salem Hills was the first new high school constructed by Nebo School District since the 1970s. The structure was completed in the summer of 2008. The student body comes from areas of Payson, Salem, Elk Ridge, and Woodland Hills. Salem Hills High School is populated mainly by two Junior High Schools, Salem Junior High School & Mt. Nebo Junior High School.

In December 2008, Salem Hills was awarded the "2008 Best K-12 Education Project Design" by the Intermountain Contractors for the State of Utah.[1]

  • Mascot: Skyhawk
  • School colors: light blue, navy blue, and gold
  • Date established: August 20, 2008
  • Administration: Bart Peery, principal; Wade Tischner, assistant principal; Brett White, assistant principal.
  • Choir: director: Justin Bills. On a recent tour to Anaheim, the concert choir received 1 gold & 1 silver award and singers received 1 silver when they competed in the Heritage Festival.
  • Band: director: Mike Larsen. The Skyhawk Marching Band under drum majors Kayla Snell and Nate Adams recently placed 3rd overall in their class, and took the caption for outstanding percussion at the Bridgerland Band Competition hosted at USU on October 31, 2009.
  • Address: 150 North Skyhawk Boulevard, Salem UT 84653
  • Website: [2]

Junior High Schools[edit]

Nebo School District Junior High Schools
School Enrollment City
Mapleton Junior High 1,012 Mapleton
Payson Junior High 967 Payson
Mt. Nebo Junior High 839 Payson
Spanish Fork Junior High 1,126 Spanish Fork
Diamond Fork Junior High 1,107 Spanish Fork
Springville Junior High 871 Springville
Salem Junior High Unknown Salem, Utah

Mapleton Junior High School[edit]

Sports Offered[edit]

Track and field, cross country, golf, tennis, basketball, football

Classes Offered[edit]

7th Grade Science, 7th Grade English, 8th Grade Integrated Science, 8th Grade Clothing Exploration, CTE Intro (FACS), CTE Intro (Business), Clothing, Computer Technology, Earth Systems, Foods 1, Foods Exploration, Teen Living, U.S. History, 7th Grade PE, 8th Grade PE, 9th Grade PE, Algebra, Pre Algebra, Secondary Math 1, Band, Guitar, Music Appreciation, 9th Grade English, CTE Intro Tech, Exploring Technology 1, Exploring Technology 2, Intro to Manufacturing, Intro to Construction, and Orchestra. [2]

Spanish Fork Junior High School[edit]

Spanish Fork Junior High School (SFJHS) is a public junior high school in Spanish Fork, Utah, USA. It belongs to Nebo School District. The School was originally constructed in 1976, and has undergone many changes over its years of service to the community.

Previous Locations[edit]

Spanish Fork Junior High School was located at two previous sites before it took up its current residence at 820 East 600 South, about two miles west of the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon.[3]


Since this building’s construction in 1976, Spanish Fork Junior has undergone several changes. Originally constructed as an intermediate school, housing sixth through ninth grades, the building’s physical layout separated the students: Sixth and seventh grade classes were located on the north side of the building, eight and ninth on the south. At the time, the classrooms operated openly, without many walls. The administrative offices held everything together at the center of the school. Outside hallways were constructed in 1990. A separate middle school was built in 1997, taking the sixth and seventh graders away. Extensive remodeling occurred in 2001, whereby the administrative and counseling offices were relocated to the north of the building; a new media center, faculty room, and additional classrooms were also constructed.[3]

Elementary schools[edit]

There are 26 elementary schools in the Nebo School District. The district is scheduled to build 5 new elementary schools in the next ten years.

Nebo School District Elementary Schools
School Enrollment City
Art City 738 Springville
Barnett 729 Payson
Brockbank 554 Spanish Fork
Brookside 667 Springville
Canyon 741 Spanish Fork
Cherry Creek 639 Springville
East Meadows 746 Spanish Fork
Foothills 653 Salem
Goshen 410 Goshen
Hobble Creek 733 Mapleton
Larsen 570 Spanish Fork
Mapleton 795 Mapleton
Mount Loafer 502 Salem
Orchard Hills 713 Santaquin
Park 547 Spanish Fork
Parkview 558 Payson
Rees 729 Spanish Fork
Riverview 774 Spanish Fork
Salem 442 Salem
Sage Creek 791 Springville
Santaquin 586 Santaquin
Siera Bonita 586 Spanish Fork
Spanish Oaks 896 Spanish Fork
Springlake 738 Payson
Taylor 445 Payson
Westside 753 Springville
Wilson 561 Payson


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Salem Junior High School Website:

Payson Junior High School Website:

Nebo School District Website:

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