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Mapscape BV is a Netherlands-based independent Business-to-business digital maps service provider. The company is active in the navigation and automotive market. Mapscape is involved in content aggregation, compilation and testing of digital maps for navigation purposes. The maps are targeted for use in the automotive industry in e.g. on line and off line navigation and location based services.

The company has automotive customers such as BMW and Volkswagen, as well as navigation system suppliers, such as Continental, TomTom, Harman International, Bosch, and Elektrobit.[1] The company uses raw navigation data from companies such as Navteq, TeleAtlas, NavInfo, and MapMyIndia which it compiles into the proprietary formats used by various navigation systems.[2]

Furthermore, Mapscape is involved in testing and certifying a new proposed industry standard automotive map format, called the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) initiative.[3]

In January 2011, Mapscape was acquired by Chinese digital map supplier NavInfo.[4]

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