Mapusa River

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Mapusa River (Mapusa, Rio de Mapuça)
Mapuca River Near Panaji 2.jpg
Country India
Cities Mapusa, Aldona
Source Dumacem, Amthane
 - location Bardez, India
Mouth River Mandovi
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)

Mapusa River ('Rio de Mapuça) river is a tributary of the River Mandovi in Goa, India. The river originates from the jungles of Dumacem and Amthane, meanders eastward and then southward before it drains itself in the Mandovi river at Penha de France. Mapusa River has separated Corjuem from mainland Aldona.

The river has since ancient times been used a popular waterway to transport agricultural products and spices. The town of Mapusa is the largest town located on the banks of the river.


Coordinates: 15°30′N 73°51′E / 15.500°N 73.850°E / 15.500; 73.850