Maquinaria festival

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Maquinaria Festival
Linkin Park - Maquinaria Festival 2010.jpg
Linkin Park - Maquinaria Festival 2010
Genre Rock, alternative rock, Grunge, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Electro, Dubstep
Location(s) Latin America
Years active 2008– present

Maquinaria Festival is a festival held in Latin America, which gathers different musical styles mixing different forms of art and consciousness. The festival was created on 2008, as Maquinaria Rock Fest, the first festival took place in São Paulo, Brasil with success. On 2009, Maquinaria transform Jockey Club in São Paulo, at the center of art and music. [clarification needed] On 2010 the festival landed in Chile. The festival was later expanded to Argentina, Paraguay and Mexico.

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