María Ignacia Benítez

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Maria Ignacia Benitez Pereira
Maria Ignacia Benitez.jpg
Born Maria Ignacia Benitez
1 August 1958
Viña del Mar
Nationality Chilean
Known for Minister of the Environment
Political party Independent Democratic Union

Maria Ignacia Benitez (born 1 August 1958) was the Chilean Minister of the Environment, between 2010 and 2014.


Benitez was born in Viña del Mar in Chile. She was the oldest of five children. She went to school locally before studying civil engineering at the University of Chile.

She served under General Pinochet before leaving to be a consultant.

In March 2010 she was appointed to be the Minister of the Environment by the President of Chile Sebastián Piñera despite conflicts of interest with her business interests.[1] The previous minister was Ana Lya Uriarte.

In 2012 she had a public row with the Supreme Court who were holding up a contract she was interested in. Accusations of "improper and unacceptable interference" were made against her.[2]

Pereira is married and has three children.


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