Maraga, Azerbaijan

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Coordinates: 40°19′18″N 46°54′20″E / 40.32167°N 46.90556°E / 40.32167; 46.90556

Maraga / Şıxarx
Maraga / Şıxarx is located in Azerbaijan
Maraga / Şıxarx
Maraga / Şıxarx
Coordinates: 40°19′18″N 46°54′20″E / 40.32167°N 46.90556°E / 40.32167; 46.90556
Country Azerbaijan
315 m (1,033 ft)
 • Total304
Time zoneUTC+4 (AZT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 (AZT)

Maraga (Azerbaijani: Marağa, or Maragha, or Azerbaijani: Şıxarx, or Armenian: Մարաղա), also known as Leninavan is a village in the Tartar Rayon of Azerbaijan. On April 10, 1992, during the Nagorno-Karabakh war, Maraga was the scene of a massacre of ethnic Armenians by Azerbaijani forces,[1] as retaliation for the Khojaly Massacre committed by Armenian forces less than two months earlier.[2] The village is now abandoned and mostly destroyed.

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