Maravarman Sundara Pandyan II

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Maravarman Sundara Pandyan II (Tamil: இரண்டாம் மாறவர்மன் சுந்தர பாண்டியன்) was a Pandyan king, who ruled regions of South India between 1238–1240 CE.[1]

Shared Rule[edit]

Sundara Pandiyan II was one of two Pandyan princes who acceded to power in 1238 after Maravarman Sundara Pandyan I.[1] He shared his rule with his elder brother Jatavarman Kulasekaran II for two years.[2] This practice of shared rule with one prince asserting primacy was common in the Pandyan Kingdom.[3] His years of reign are unclear. While KA Nilakanta Sastri mentions him as the Pandyan prince defeated by Rajendra Chola III around 1250,[4] N Sethuraman mentions another Pandyan prince - Jatavarman Vikkiraman I as the Pandyan ruler between 1241 and 1250.

Hoysala Influence[edit]

This period was marked with increasing Hoysala influence over Chola kingdom under the rule of Vira Someshwara.[5] According to KA Nilakanta Sastri

Hoysala influence over the whole area of the Chola kingdom and even in the Pandya country increased steadily from about 1220 to 1245, a period which may be well described as that of Hoysala hegemony in the south.

The Pandyan inscriptions of this period indicate tribute being paid to the Hoysala king.[2] The kilacheval temple grants, Vira Somi Chathurvedimangalam land grants and the presence of a Hoysala general Appana Dandanayaka for settling disputes at Thirumayam all indicate Hoysala dominance over the Chola Country.[6]

War with Cholas[edit]

Sundara Pandiyan II was attacked and defeated by the Rajendra Chola III around 1250. To prevent the complete revival of Chola power, Vira Someshwara temporarily allied himself with the Pandyas[4]


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Preceded by
Jatavarman Kulasekaran II
1238 –1240
Succeeded by
Jatavarman Vikkiraman I