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March for Jesus is an annual interdenominational event in which Christians march through towns and cities.


March in Bordeaux, France in 2011
March in São Paulo, Brazil in 2019

The March for Jesus began as a City March in London, United Kingdom, in 1987.[1] [2]It emerged from the friendship of three church groups: Pioneer, led by Gerald Coates; Ichthus led by Roger Forster; and Youth with a Mission led by Lynn Green.[3] Together with the worship leader Graham Kendrick, they led a movement which over the next three years spread across the UK, Europe and North America, and finally across the world. Hundreds of smaller marches emerged in its wake.

The march was established in several countries of the world, especially in France in 1991,[4] [5] in the United States in 1992 [6] and in Brazil in 1993, where it gathered 3 million people in São Paulo in 2019, one of the largest Christian gatherings in the world. [7]

Further reading[edit]

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  • Graham Kendrick Public Praise (Altamonte Springs: Creation House, 1992)

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