Marching On!

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Marching On!
Marching On! FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Spencer Williams
Produced by H.W. Kier (producer)
Written by Spencer Williams (writer)
Starring See below
Cinematography Clark Ramsey
Release date
  • 1943 (1943)
Country United States
Language English

Marching On! is a 1943 American race film directed and written by Spencer Williams. Sequences were filmed at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The film was later rereleased with additional sequences under the title Where's My Man To-nite?.


The film focuses on a young African American who continues his family’s tradition of military service when he is drafted into the United States Army during World War II. Despite complications that arise during his basic training, including his jealousy following his girlfriend's flirtatious attention to his sergeant, the young soldier becomes a hero when he locates Japanese saboteurs operating a radio station outside of his military base.[1][2][3]



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