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Marco Antonio Vargas Diaz (born August 17, 1948 in San José, Costa Rica), is a Costa Rican economist and politician, affiliated with the National Liberation Party, who has served as minister on three separate occasions.

He is the son of Marco Tulio Vargas Garita and Soledad Díaz Molina. On December 11, 1970 Vargas has been married to Matilde Ruiz Baldioceda. The couple has three children, Vanessa, Mark and Marcela Vargas Ruiz.

During the administration Figueres Olsen (1994–1998) served as Minister of the Presidency, succeeding Rodrigo Oreamuno Blanco.[1] Many observers, including major political figures within his own party, criticized the choice, pointing out that Vargas lacked the political skills needed for the job. During the second administration Arias Sánchez (2006–2010), Vargas served as the Agency Coordinating Minister [1]. Vargas also assumed other ministerial posts during the same administration. He served as Minister of Production, replacing temporarily Alfredo Volio, who resigned from government to direct the campaign to approve the CAFTA-DR trade agreement in a referendum held for that purpose. He also replaced for several months Ms Karla González Carvajal, Minister of Public Works and Transport.

Administration Chinchilla (2010–2014)[edit]

In may, 2010 Marco Vargas was appointed as minister of the Presidency.[2] Vargas confronted major challenges during his tenure as minister. Among other things, he approved a measure to double the salaries of law-makers. The initiative was very impopular, forcing President Chinchilla to announce her veto in case that the law was approved. Reportedly, Mr Vargas had had enormous difficulties dealing with parliamentarians, even those from his own party. By late March, 2011 Vargas suggests that he would be leaving the post of Minister of the Presidency. On April 4, 2011, President Laura Chinchilla Miranda announced Vargas' resignation, who was replaced by Tourism Minister Carlos Ricardo Benavides Jiménez.[3]