Margaret of Bavaria, Electress Palatine

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Margaret of Bavaria
Philipp der Aufrichtige.jpg
Philip and Margaret
Spouse Philip, Elector Palatine
Father Louis IX "the Rich" of Bavaria-Landshut
Mother Amalia of Saxony
Born (1456-11-07)7 November 1456
Died 1501

Margaret of Bavaria (7 November 1456, Amberg – 1501, Heidelberg) was a princess of Bavaria-Landshut and by marriage Princess of the Palatinate.


Margaret was a daughter of the Duke Louis IX "the Rich" of Bavaria-Landshut (1417–1479) from his marriage to Amalia of Saxony (1436–1501), daughter of Elector Frederick II of Saxony

She married 1474, with an elaborately celebration in Amberg (the "Amberg Wedding") the Philip, who later became Elector Palatine Philip the upright (1448–1508). He had earlier turned down the marriage candidates such as Mary of Burgundy and Anna, heiress of the county of Katzenelnbogen. More than 1,000 guests were present at the wedding, including 14 ruling princes. Large quantities of food were consumed, in addition to 110,000 liters of wine[1] as well as 10,000 chickens.[2]

Two years after the marriage of Philip became Elector of the Palatinate. In 1482 Margaret left Heidelberg, fleeing from the plague, for Winzingen Castle, where she gave birth to Frederick, who later became Elector Frederick II.[3]

Thanks to his wife, Philip had a good relationship with her brother Duke George the rich, whose children married in 1499. The dynastic union was the starting point of political and military cooperation between Bayern-Landshut and the Palatinate.[4] George, who had no male heir of his own, bequeathed his territory to his son in law and the son of his sister.


From her marriage, Margaret had the following children:

  • Louis V (1478–1544), Elector Palatine
married in 1511 princess Sibylle of Bavaria-Munich (1489–1519)
married in 1499 princess Elizabeth of Bavaria-Landshut (1478–1504)
married in 1535 princess Dorothea of Denmark (1520–1580)
married in 1498 Landgrave William III of Hesse (1471–1500)
married in 1503 Margrave Philip I of Baden (1479–1533)
married in 1513 Duke Georg I of Pomerania (1493–1551)
  • Barbara (1491–1505)
  • Helen (1493–1524)
married in 1513 Duke Henry V of Mecklenburg (1479–1552)


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