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Maria Manakova, Warsaw 2013

Maria Manakova (born 1 March 1974) is a Russian-born Serbian chess player holding the title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM). Born in Kazan,[1] she lived in Serbia for several years and played for the Yugoslav women's chess team. Manakova was first board reserve on the silver medal-winning Yugoslav team at the Women's European Team Chess Championship in Batumi 1999, although she did not play any games.[2] The following year, she competed in the Women's World Championship, where she reached round 2. In 2013, she won the Serbian women's championship.[3]

Her peak Elo rating is 2395, achieved in the FIDE rating list of April 2001.

She appeared partly wrapped in a fur coat on the cover of the Russian magazine Speed in 2004, which along with her “forthright views", caused a stir in some circles, according to London's The Telegraph.[4][1]


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