Marian Przykucki

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Pope and Bishop Marian Przykucki in Gdynia – 11 June 1987

Archbishop Marian Przykucki (27 January 1924 - 16 October 2009) was the Polish Roman Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Szczecin-Kamień from 1992 until May 1, 1999.


Born in Skoki in 1924, Marian Przykucki was ordained a parish priest on 19 February 1950, aged 26, in Poznań, Poland.

On 12 December 1973, aged 49, he was appointed as Auxiliary Bishop of Poznań and Titular Bishop of Glenndálocha. On 3 February 1974 he was ordained as Titular Bishop of Glenndálocha. On 15 June 1981 he was appointed as Bishop of Roman Catholic Diocese of Chełmno (Culma) in which Kashubians live. He took care for the usage of Kashubian language in liturgy.

On 25 March 1992, aged 68, he was appointed Archbishop of Szczecin-Kamień, Poland. He retired on 1 May 1999.


Archbishop Emeritus Przykucki died on 16 October 2009, aged 85.

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