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Marianne Dissard
Born (1969-05-20) May 20, 1969 (age 47)
Tarbes, Pyrénées, France
Origin Sud Ouest, Pyrénées, France
Genres Indie rock, Post-rock, Chanson, French pop, Americana
Occupation(s) Musician, lyricist, filmmaker, singer, producer, writer
Instruments Vocals
Years active Singer 2005–present, filmmaker 1989–present, lyricist 1995–present
Labels Le Pop, Vacilando '68, Trop Exprés Music, Tucson Music Factory
Associated acts Amor Belhom Duo, ABBC

Marianne Dissard (born May 20, 1969, Tarbes, France) is a singer, lyricist and filmmaker who lived in Tucson, Arizona, United States from 1994 to 2013. "A central figure in Tucson's desert music community"[1] with her unique hybrid of French Chanson and Americana, she is noted as a "charismatic performer".[2] and for the quality of her lyrics.[3]


Dissard was born in Tarbes, France and grew up in the countryside near the Southwestern French city of Toulouse before moving to Mesa, Arizona in the United States at the age of 16 with her parents. Dissard relocated to Los Angeles in 1989, briefly roommating to musician Howe Gelb while attending film school at the University of Southern California. Active in Los Angeles' independent film-making scene, she collaborated with directors Clay Walker and Gregg Araki as well as French distribution company Haut Et Court with the selection of the "Inédits d'Amérique" film series by Jon Jost, Allison Anders and Alex Cox. In 1994, Dissard arrived in Tucson, Arizona to direct a documentary on Howe Gelb's alt-Americana band Giant Sand. She remained in Tucson until 2013, taking an increasingly more active part in the city's music scene, from lyricist and muse to full-fledged producer and performer. Her thirteen years relationship with ex-husband and musical partner Naïm Amor ended in 2008.

Creative life[edit]

Dissard has collaborated with Tucson band Calexico's Joey Burns, who composed her first two albums: lo-fi demo debut 'Dedicated To Your Walls' (2006) and 'L'Entredeux' (2008), which he also produced. An album of bitter love songs, L'Entredeux won a Coup de Coeur prize from France's Académie Charles Cros in 2009 and was released in Europe by labels Le Pop Musik and Vacilando'68.[4] Dissard's second album, L'Abandon (2011), also garnered worldwide accolades.[5] Co-produced by BK-One, it tackled subject matters such as her hometown of Tucson, abortion, Mexican porn comic books and marriage. Third album The Cat. Not Me (2013) was co-written by Dissard and composer Sergio Mendoza of the Tucson mambo ensemble Orkesta Mendoza. Dealing with emotional and physical exhaustion, nightmares, addiction and botched connections, the nonetheless upbeat album premiered at SXSW in 2013,[6] with Seattle producer/musician Budo and violinist Andrew Joslyn.

The live studio album, 2009 Paris One Takes (City Series) ("a fantastic album")[7] is the first in the ongoing Cities Series of albums recorded with band while on tours. Berlin Two Takes (City Series), the series' second album, was released in 2012 and included a duet with Belgian singer Arno. Third in the series, Cologne Vier Takes (City Series) was recorded in Germany in 2015 with guitarist Yan Péchin and vocalist Allyson Ezell. A compilation album Cibola Gold: Best Of 2008-2015 was released in 2016, tracklisted by BK-One. Marianne Dissard has performed from Europe to North America, China as well as Turkey, New Zealand and Australia. Most notable live shows include those at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City in July 2010 and in Europe, at the Dortmund's KonzertHaus in 2010, but also a walking tour of the Pyrénées with donkey in 2010. Festival performances include New Zealand's Sounday in 2010, South By Southwest in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, Joshua Tree Roots Festival, USA (2010) and Split Works' Black Rabbit Festival in China (2011).[8]

As a documentary filmmaker, Marianne Dissard has collaborated with Tucson band Giant Sand and Howe Gelb on the music documentary 'Drunken Bees' (1996) and with artists Robbie Conal ('Post No Bills' (1993, co-producing credit), funded by ITVS/PBS), Robert Kramer on camera for French TV-funded film 'Low Y Cool' (2006) and Keja Kramer. Dissard's first fiction film, 'Lonesome Cowgirls', a remake of Andy Warhol's 'Lonesome Cowboys', was conceived as a conceptual companion piece to album 'L'Abandon' and shot in Tucson, Arizona over a strictly-timed 24hrs period in June 2010.[9] Several music videos and short video pieces are also credited to Dissard, including collaborations with Orkesta Mendoza, Bones & Beeker and Amor Belhom Duo.

Marianne Dissard's performance collaborations with American-born, Berlin-based choreographer Ami Garmon have been presented at Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (exhibit Hiver de l'Amour by Purple Prose 1994), Fondation Cartier (1994), Galleries D'Art Contemporain de Marseille (in residency, 1994) and Videoteca de Lisbon (1994), Arte TV Lounge (2010), Dortmund Konzerthaus (2011), Zurich's Rote Fabrik (2011), Tanz Im August Festival in Berlin (2013).

As a lyricist, Marianne Dissard has written for Naïm Amor, Fredda, Françoiz Breut, Giant Sand's Howe Gelb, Christian Ravaglioli, Allyson Ezell and herself. She was the main lyricist for French avant-pop duo Amor Belhom Duo. Her bilingual French-English poetry and writings have been published in Spork and other English-language literary magazines. In 2014, she started writing her first book The Cat. Not Me: Junk Memoirs Of A Yogini.




  • Limited-edition (2009), 7" split single with Desing
  • Limited-edition (2008), 7″ split single with Alaska in Winter
  • Limited-edition (2006), 7″ four songs from "Dedicated To Your Walls"

Compilations and contributions[edit]

  • I Saved Latin, A Wes Anderson Tribute - American Laundromat Records (2014)
  • Tucson Songs – Le Pop Musik (2011)
  • Rough Guide to Paris Lounge – Rough Guides (2011)
  • Le Pop 6 – Le Pop Musik (2010)
  • Eight for Matisse – Barbes Records / MOMA (2010)
  • Le Pop 5 – Le Pop Musik (2009)
  • Ballade En France – Universal Australia (2009)
  • Le Pop Les Filles – Le Pop Musik (2008)
  • Trikont's Christmas compilation (2008)
  • Christmas in Tucson – independent (2007)
  • Wish You – Trikont Records (2007) with Amparo Sanchez
  • Kris Kristofferson tribute – independent (2006)
  • Filles Fragiles – Filles Sourires (2006)
  • Loving Takes Its Toll, a Tribute to Kath Bloom on Chapter Music (2006)

Collaborations – lyrics[edit]

Collaborations – singing[edit]

  • "Un Gros Chat" duo with Arno (2012)
  • Noah and the Megafaun – (2011)
  • Ultra – Brian Lopez (2011)
  • Ballad of Cable Hogue – on "Hot Rail" by Calexico (2000)
  • Elevator Baby – on Tête A Tete" by ABBC (Amor Belhom Duo & Calexico) (2001)

Collaborations – producing[edit]

  • Orso Jesenska - Album "Effacer La Mer" (2014)
  • Vanessa Philippe - Album "My Man" (2014)


  • Tortue (2016), 4mn music video for Dissard album "The Cat. Not Me". Director, producer, editor.
  • World Behind (2015), 4mn music video for Bones & Beeker
  • Je Ne Le Savais Pas (2014), 4mn music video for Dissard album "The Cat. Not Me". Director, producer, editor.
  • Election (2014), 3mn music video for Dissard album "The Cat. Not Me". Director, producer, editor.
  • Mouton Bercail (2013), 3mn music video for Dissard album "The Cat. Not Me". Director, producer, editor.
  • Am Letzen (2013), 3mn music video for Dissard album "The Cat. Not Me". Director, producer, editor.
  • Close Your Eyes And Add A Touch of Nothing (2014), full-length video of Ami Garmon's and Frank Willens' dance performance. Director.
  • Mambo in the Dark (2012), 2 min music video for "Mambo Mexicano" by Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta. Director, editor.
  • Lonesome Cowgirls (2011), 52mn conceptual video based on Andy Warhol's "Lonesome Cowboys". Director, producer, actor.
  • Eté, Hiver (2011), 5mn music video for Dissard album "L'Abandon". Director, producer, editor, actor.
  • The One And Only (2011), 5mn music video for Dissard album "L'Abandon". Director, producer, editor, actor.
  • Les Draps Sourds (2008), 3mn music video for Dissard album "L'Entredeux". Director, producer, actor.
  • Dublin: Celtic Traveler (2001), 52mn documentar for TV Breitzh, France. Director.
  • Reminds Me (2011), 4mn music video for Amor Belhom Duo. Director, producer, editor.
  • Low Y Cool (1997), 52mn documentary for Planête, France with Robert Kramer on camera. Director.
  • Drunken Bees (1995–2005), 30mn documentary on Giant Sand. Director, producer, editor.
  • Post No Bills (1993), 57mn documentary on Robbie Conal, funded for PBS by ITVS. Co-producer, sound recordist.


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