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Marie-Lynn Hammond (born August 31, 1948) is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter, broadcaster and playwright. Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to a Franco-Ontarian mother and an Anglo-Quebecer father, she is fluently bilingual and writes and performs material in both English and French.

She began her career as a founder of the folk music group Stringband,[1] and later pursued a solo career. She was also a host of programming on CBC Radio in the 1980s and 1990s, including Dayshift and Musical Friends.[2] She has also written several plays, including the bilingual musical Beautiful Deeds/De beaux gestes[3] and the drama White Weddings.[4]

On August 26, 2006, Hammond was thrown from her horse while horseback riding, and sustained serious injuries.[5] Her friends organized two benefit concerts at Hugh's Room in January 2007 to help raise money for her non-insured health care costs.[5] People who appeared at the concerts included Bob Bossin, Stuart McLean, Eve Goldberg, Garnet Rogers, Nancy White, Sylvia Tyson, Don Ross, Rick Salutin, Jian Ghomeshi and Mike Ford.[5] The accident has left her with a visual impairment, but she has otherwise recovered and working (and riding) again.[6]


  • Marie-Lynn Hammond (1978)
  • Vignettes (1983)
  • Impromptu (1985)
  • Black & White...and shades of grey (1990)
  • Pegasus (2003)


  • Beautiful Deeds/De beaux gestes (1985)
  • White Weddings (1990)


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