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Marina Ōno
Native name 大野まりな
Born Hiromi Katayama
(1972-04-05) April 5, 1972 (age 46)
Hiroshima, Japan
Other names
  • Hiromi Matsumoto (松本裕美)[1][2]
  • Hiromi Asō (麻生ひろみ)[1][2]
  • Hiromi Katayama (片山裕美)[2]
  • Chihiro Kanzaki (神崎ちひろ)[2]
Occupation Voice actress
Years active 1985–present

Hiromi Katayama (Japanese: 片山裕美, Hepburn: Katayama Hiromi, born April 5, 1972), known by her stage name Marina Ōno (大野まりな, Ōno Marina) is a Japanese voice actress. She has also been known as Hiromi Matsumoto (松本裕美) and Hiromi Asō (麻生ひろみ).[1] Some of her major roles in anime are: Faury Carat in Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea, Chiaki Nakahara in Dai-Guard, Aihara in Angel Links, and Komoe Harumachi in Eiken. In video games she voices Aki Nitta in Soul Link, Remit Marlena in Eternal Melody, Ayaka Nanase in First Kiss Story, and Uriko in the Bloody Roar series.



List of voice performances in anime
Year Title Role Notes Source[3]
1996 You're Under Arrest Yuka Endo
1999 Angel Links Elizabeth Aihara Chang [2][4]
1999 Dai-Guard Chiaki Nakahara [2]
2000 Vandread Assistant [2]
2001 You're Under Arrest Second Season Yuka Endo, others [2]
2004 Burst Angel Shiho Kazami [2][4]
2006 Soul Link Aki Nitta [2]
Eien no Aseria Orpha [4]
Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea Faury Carat [4]


List of voice performances in film
Year Title Role Notes Source
1999 You're Under Arrest: The Movie Yuka Endo

Video games[edit]

List of voice performances in video games
Year Title Role Notes Source[3]
1995–98 Anime Freak FX Rolfee 6 volumes, PC-FX [2][4]
1996 Eternal Melody Remit Marlena SS, PS1/PS2 [2][4]
1997 Saturn Bomberman Fight!
ja:サターンボンバーマン ファイト!!
Honey SS [2][4]
1998 Tensen Nyan Nyan
天仙娘々 ~劇場版~
Mahjong Daiou III PS1/PS2 [2][4]
1998 First Kiss Story Ayaka Nanase PC-FX, PS [2][4]
1998 Princess Express
Chihiro Negishi, Tsubasa Nanao PS1/PS2, SS [2][4]
1998 Hoshi no Oka Gakuen Monogatari Gakuensa
ja:星の丘学園物語 学園祭
Terumi Hyuga
PS1/PS2 [2][4]
1999 Bloody Roar 2 Uriko Nonomura PS1/PS2 [2][4]
1999 Nurse Monogatari
Yuna Mizuguchi
PS1/PS2 [2][4]
2001 Bloody Roar 3 Uriko PS1/PS2 [2]
2002 Bloody Roar Primal Fury / Bloody Roar Extreme Uriko PS [2][4]
2002 Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea Faury Carat PC [2]
2003–04 Eiken Komoe Harumachi OVA [2]
2004 Pure Pure Sachi PC Adult [2]
2004 Soul Link Aki Nitta PC Adult [2]
2006 Soul Link Extension Aki Nitta PS1/PS2 [2][4]
Dodge de Ball Aya Saotome [4]

Drama CD[edit]

List of voice performances in drama CDs and audio presentations
Year Title Role Notes Source
Soul Link Aki Nitta [2][4]
Eternal Melody Remit Marlena [4]
First Kiss Story [4]


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