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Marini (last name) is a surname of Roman/Italian Catholic origin; closely associated with the last names: Marino and Mariani with the three patronymic forms emerging from the same region at approximately the same time. Migrations branching from Italy ca.1600 gave rise to their modern forms as surnames. The Marinid dynasty was a Sunni Muslim dynasty of Zenata Berber descent that ruled Morocco from the 13th to the 15th century.

Notable people with the Marini surname include:

15-18th century
  • Andrea Pasqualino Marini (1660–1712), Italian painter active in the Marche region, Italy
  • Antoine Marini (15th-century) French theologian and political thinker, who contemplated the establishing of a European Court of Justice and a pan-European parliament
  • Antonio Marini (1788–1861), Italian painter, mainly of sacred subjects for churches in Tuscany
  • Biagio Marini (1594–1663), Italian virtuoso violinist and composer
  • Domenico de' Marini (patriarch) (died 1635), Roman Catholic Titular Patriarch of Jerusalem (1627–1635), and Archbishop of Genoa (1616–1635)
  • Domenico de' Marini (bishop) (died 1676), Roman Catholic Titular Archbishop of Teodosia
  • de:Girolamo Marini (Architekt) or Hieronimo Marini (died 1553) Baroque master stonemason and Italian renaissance architect; royal architect of Francis I (c.1535); notable contributions as an early pioneer of German (c.1545) defensive architecture/military engineering; brother[1] of Camillo Mariani, early pioneer of modern French defensive architecture/military engineering (notably Verdun); and notable for his surviving sculpting works: sculptures by Mariani
  • Giambattista Marini or Giovanni Battista Marino (1569–1625), Italian poet; early pioneer of Marinism[2]
  • it:Giovanni Agostino De Marini (1572–1642) King of Corsica(city state) and 105th Doge of Genoa
  • Biagio Marini (ca. 1587–1663), Italian composer; founder of the Tremolo (Italian: Bisbigliando) for string orchestra (Biago's violin sonatas contain the first ever tremolo notation found for instruments)[3]
  • Elias Marini, O.F.M. or Elias Marinich (died 1641), Roman Catholic Bishop of Sardica
  • Giovanni Battista de Marinis (died 169), Master of the Order of Preachers from 1650 until his death
  • it:Francesco Maria Marini or Mariani (1630–1686) highly influential playwright and Catholic archbishop, son of Giovanni Agostino De Marini
  • John Marini, American political scientist
  • Leonardo Marini (1509–1573), theologian and Italian archbishop of the Dominican Order of Catholic Church
  • Luigi Gaetano Marini (archaeologist) (1742–1815) "The Restorer"[4]; made cameriere d'onore of the pope and primus custos of the Vatican Library. Luigi's exact religious affiliation with the Catholic Church is uncertain. His notable scholarship include the classification of five thousand inscriptions and Latin epigraphics
  • Marco Marini (1542–1594), Italian orientalist, and censor of Hebrew language publications for the Vatican.
  • Paolo Marini (18th century), Italian painter
  • Pietro Marini (1794–1863) Italian cardinal; notable for his coat of arms' conservative motto: Ne quid nimis. Pietro was entrusted numerous prefectures and protectorships within Italy; appointed Governor of Rome, vice-Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church and Director-General of the Police in his lifetime
  • Niccolò Marini (1843–1923) Italian cardinal; recorded descendant of Pietro Marini. Notable for his liberal agenda and his work with Catholic Action in creating the Gaetana Agnesi women's club; Niccolo was exceptionally decorated with international honours and recognitions of merit in European knightly orders. His life's pursuit was to seek reconciliation of Eastern and Western Christianity, undertaking great labours and missions as secretary of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches
19-20th century
Fictional characters
  • Enrico Marini, a member of the S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) in the survival horror video games series Resident Evil

See also[edit]

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  • Saint Marinus (Legendary founder of the society that became the independent Republic of San Marino)
  • The History of San Marino and the Leges Statutae Republicae Sancti Marini (referring to the Constitution of San Marino created October 8, 1600).
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