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Maris may refer to:




  • Maris Nunatak, a small coastal nunatak at the junction of Rogers Glacier and the east side of Amery Ice Shelf
  • Via Maris, ancient trade route dating from the early Bronze Age, linking Egypt with Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria
  • Maris, the Latin name of the Mureș River, as mentioned by Herodotus in 484 BC


  • Maris Otter, variety of barley used in producing malt for the brewing industry
  • Maris Peer, a variety of Potato
  • Maris Piper, a variety of Potato
  • Maris Wigeon, a long-strawed variety of wheat used in thatching

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  • Stella Maris (Latin for "Star of the Sea")
  • Maris the Chojo, Japanese manga one-shot and anime
  • Vox Maris, Op. 31, a symphonic poem by the Romanian composer George Enescu finished around 1954