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Mark Gerson is an American investor, businessman, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and chairman of the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG).[1] He is also the co-founder of Thuzio. Gerson is also involved in philanthropic organizations African Mission Healthcare Foundation and the United Hatzalah through which he started the L'Chaim Prize for Outstanding Medical Missionary Service, the largest prize for medical missionary work globally.

Gerson graduated with a BA from Williams College and a JD from Yale Law School.[2] He grew up in Short Hills, New Jersey and attended Milburn High School.


Mark Gerson and fellow Yale Law School graduate Thomas Lehrman founded the Gerson Lehrman Group in 1998. Gerson Lehrman group, otherwise known as GLG, is a peer to peer business learning company. GLG is a knowledge brokerage and primary research firm that operates a membership-based platform of more than 600,000[1] independent consultants

Gerson also co-founded Thuzio, a professional booking marketplace with former NFL player Tiki Barber.[3]

Gerson co-founded Voray, alongside Shopkeep co-founder David Olk and Prudence Holdings CIO Gavin Myers. Gerson serves as the co-chairman of Voray alongside Myers, while Olk runs the day-to-day operations.[4]

Gerson helped found the Tel Aviv Angel Group which invested in early stage Israeli startups and later on Maverick Ventures Israel, a venture capital fund composed of private investors which invests in early growth Israeli startups. Gerson serves on the fund’s board of advisors .


Gerson is the Co-founder and Chairman of the African Mission Healthcare Foundation and United Hatzalah. As part of AMHF, Gerson helped create the Gerson L'Chaim Prize[5] in August of 2016

Gerson is also the co-founder and Chairman of United Hatzalah, a distributed network volunteer first responders. They operate throughout Israel.[citation needed]

L'Chaim Prize for Outstanding Medical Missionary Service[edit]

The L'Chaim Prize for Outstanding Medical Missionary Service was founded by Gerson and his wife Erica Gerson.[6] The L'Chaim Prize is a $500,000 grant aimed to award medical missionaries for their service and help them fund their mission.[6] Due to the rise in independent churches, Gerson believed that there was a shortage of medical missionaries and believed this prize would help the field.[7] Gerson aimed to "make a statement" with the L'Chaim Prize.[8] He named the prize L'Chaim which means "to life" in Hebrew to display his Jewish incentive to support a Christian mission.[6][8] The African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF) oversees the award and it is the largest ever monetary award for clinical care.[8]

Award Recipients[edit]

Year Applicants Recipient Nationality Country of Service Intended Use
2016 26 Jason Fader, MD American Burundi (Kibuye Hope Hospital) Expand hospital and laboratories, purchase orthopedic equipment[8]
2017 24 Russel E. White, MD American Kenya (Tenwek Hospital) Train cardiac surgeons, implement ultrasound, purchase antibiotics[7]
2018 Rick Sacra, MD American Liberia (ELWA Hospital) Train Liberian Family Medicine Physicians, install solar capacity, establish ICUs[9]


Gerson is the author of the books The Neoconservative Vision: From the Cold War to the Culture Wars (ISBN 1568330545) and In the Classroom: Dispatches from an Inner-City School that Works (ISBN 0684827565), and the editor of The Essential Neoconservative Reader (ISBN 0201479680).

He is active politically, with most support going to Republican candidates.[citation needed] In 2015, Gerson joined other Republicans in signing an amicus curiae brief supporting a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, which was submitted to the Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges.[10]


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