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Mark Nemenman (Марк Ефимович Неменман, Belarusian: Марк Яўхімавіч Неменман; born 6 November 1936, Minsk, Belarus) is a Soviet computer scientist, notable as a pioneer in systems programming and programming language research. He was one of the main developers of the AKI language (in Russian АКИ - АвтоКод ИНЖЕНЕР - Engineer's Autocode) in 1964, before BASIC became known. He led the development of system software for Minsk-32, the most popular of Minsk family of computers.

He was awarded Lenin Komsomol Prize in 1970, received his Ph.D. in 1975 (scientific advisor - Andrey Ershov), Professor since 1984.

Mark Nemenman authored more than 70 papers and 5 books. He is also the father of a theoretical physicist Ilya Nemenman.


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