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Mark Noyce
Mark Noyce confused poker player.jpg
Noyce in character as the poker player
Born Mark William Arthur Noyce
(1974-03-03) 3 March 1974 (age 44)
Peterborough, Northamptonshire,[1] England
Occupation Actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Spouse(s) Nicola Noyce (2000–present)

Mark Noyce (born 3 March 1974) is an English actor, writer, film director and producer.

Early life[edit]

Noyce was born in Peterborough, Northamptonshire,[2] the son of May Doreen (Bayford[clarification needed]) and William Charles Albert Noyce. He attended Fulbridge infants and junior schools and received his secondary education at Walton Community School before moving on to Peterborough Regional College.

Martial arts career[edit]

Noyce first started training in the Lau Gar style of Kung-Fu at the age of 6 after his father had seen Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee. He appeared on the competitive scene in the early 1980s[3] and retired at the age of 24 as world forms champion.[4] He was quoted as saying, "I knew I’d peaked and was really struggling to motivate myself so it was definitely the right thing to do.”[5]

Partial martial arts accomplishments[edit]

  • International Chinese Kung Fu World forms champion
  • WUMA World forms champion[6]
  • World classic forms champion
  • World Kickboxing Association British champion
  • Martial arts illustrated competitor of the year
  • MAI series forms champion
  • FSK (freestyle sport karate) forms champion
  • Ricochet forms champion
  • Martial arts illustrated forms competitor of the year

Noyce has been awarded a black belt in kung fu, karate, tang soo do and Mugendo kickboxing.

Product endorsements[edit]

Noyce has appeared in a series of events promoting Tracks2000 gym equipment[7] after working closely with the development team. He helped design equipment[8] which would aid martial artists wanting to learn acrobatics.

Film career[edit]

Noyce began his career working on numerous shorts and feature films often in small or supporting artist roles. Some of these include Nativity, Pimp, Killer Bitch, I against I and The Landlord.

He made his directorial debut with the comedy On the Ropes[9] in 2011, he also wrote the script and played the lead role of Keith Kraft.[10]

Several critics were complimentary about his acting and directing. In reference to his lead role, Mark Boosey, The British Comedy Guide editor, wrote, "This monstrous egocentric 'plonker' carries many of the film's best lines and set pieces, and is played very well by the film's creator, Mark Noyce".[11] Britflicks critic Zachary Cooke said "films that are starring, written and directed by the same person are usually a no no, with On The Ropes this is not the case".[12] Richard Cross of A Full Tank of Gas stated, "On the Ropes is one of those films that succeeds in spite of the nature of the British film industry and its financing rather than because of it, and Noyce is to be congratulated simply for getting the film made. That he also provides the audience with a high quality of comic entertainment is an unexpected bonus".[13]

During a 2012 interview Shaun Williamson stated "I'm working with Mark Noyce on a film called This Is Jayde: The One Hit Wonder" and that he was "appearing as a twisted Simon Cowell version of myself. Should be fun!"[14][15][16] A video was later released announcing further information about the films plot and characters.[17]

Britflicks and The British Comedy Guide reported in August 2014 that Noyce had begun production on the comedy thriller The Blazing Cannons.[18][19]

In June 2017 Noyce was directing the drama A Dish Served Cold,[20][21] starring Steven Arnold[22] and Shaun Williamson.[23]

In 2017 Happy Pup Films announced that Noyce was working with Tim Selberg and Selberg Studio's on the horror feature Sammy. Producer and director, Noyce contacted the studio after seeing their work in Dead Silence and Goosebumps.[20][24][25]

Happy Pup Films[edit]

Noyce formed his film and television production company, Happy Pup Films, first producing the comedy film On the Ropes.[26][27][28] The company is located in London.[29]

Personal life[edit]

In June 2000, Noyce married Nicola Jayne Crawford, whom he met in 1994 while performing at a martial arts competition in Britain.

In a 2011 interview with Kale Slade, Noyce stated that he is a fan of Ricky Gervais, Thomas Lennon, Judd Apatow and Benny Hill.[30]

Noyce is noted for his love of animals and follows a strict vegetarian diet. He has a tattoo of Milo (his Jack Russell Terrier) on his chest.[30] During a 2011 interview with Matt J. Horn, Noyce revealed that he usually spends his spare time playing videogames. He was quoted as saying, "Unreal Tournament is possibly my most played game competitively although I’m currently honing my Street Fighter skills right now". He also named The Girl Next Door as his most watched film and The Tales from the Crypt as his favourite TV series.[5]



Year Film Role Notes
2009 Sam Noir Henchman
Nativity Christmas Shopper uncredited
2010 Pimp Swinger uncredited
The Landlord Warwick
Killer Bitch Joe’s Victim
I against I Himself
2011 On the Ropes Keith Kraft Also writer, producer and director
2012 Shaniqua (short) Christian Also writer
2014 This is Jayde: The One Hit Wonder Jayde Also writer, producer and director
2017 The Blazing Cannons Saxon Also writer and producer
2017 The N00bs Chris Also writer and producer
2017 Keeping It Up Doug Deep Also writer, producer and director
2017 A Dish Served Cold Producer, director
2018 Sammy Writer, producer and director
2018 The Influenced Writer, producer and director
2018 Benny Writer, producer and director

Television and theatre[edit]

Year Programme/Show Role Notes
1995 Martial arts extravaganza Stunt performer
1996 Clash of the Titans Stunt performer
1998 Turandot Executioner Also choreographer
1999 Carmen Fighter Also choreographer
2000 Faust Devil Also choreographer
2009 Guinness World Records Smashed Stunt performer 1 episode


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