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Mark Seidenfeld is an American legal academic who is known for his contributions to American administrative law. He is the Patricia A. Dore Professor of Administrative Law at Florida State University College of Law. His work focuses on the relationship of administrative law doctrine, especially judicial review of agency action, to the structure of the administrative state. He is also known for proposing Civic Republicanism (or more generally Deliberative Democracy) as a justification for the administrative state. Professor Seidenfeld teaches Administrative Law, Constitutional Law I (Structure of Government) and a required first year course on Legislation and Regulation. He has also taught numerous courses on particular areas of federal regulation (including Environmental Law, Energy Law, Telecommunications Law and Health Law) as well as courses on Law and Economics.

In addition to his many influential publications on how administrative law doctrine relates to institutional behavior and agency accountability, he is the author of Microeconomic Predicates to Law and Economics (Anderson Pub. Co., 1996).

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