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Mark Solonin
Native name
Марк Семенович Солонин
BornMark Semionovich Solonin
(1958-04-29) April 29, 1958 (age 61)
Kuybyshev, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Alma materKuibyshev Aviation Institute
GenreSoviet history
Years active1981 - Present

Mark Solonin (born May 29, 1958, in Kuybyshev, USSR) is a Russian historian, and author who writes about the history of World War II.[1][2] An aviation engineer by training, he has written numerous books on the Second World War. Since 2016, Solonin lives in Estonia.[3]

Early life[edit]

Mark Semionovich Solonin (Russian: Марк Семёнович Солонин) was born in Kuybyshev, USSR on May 29, 1958. His father had served with the Soviet Army in the Second World War. Mark developed strong interest in history as a boy. After graduating from secondary school with golden medal (cum laude), he decided to study not history but aviation engineering because he felt that in the USSR politics would interfere with his potential career in history.[4]


Solonin's studies focus on history of the WWII and particularly the opening weeks of the Soviet-German War [5] Solonin has written seven books that have been sold over 270,000 copies in Russia. Every book contains hundreds of source references (both from Soviet/Russian and German military archives), comparative tables on planning, weaponry and armor, author-drawn schemes of military operations. His works have been translated into Polish, German, Czech, Estonian, Lithuanian and Romanian languages.

Solonin criticized the new Russian Minister of Culture and revisionist historian Vladimir Medinsky as "a propagandist of the shameless Goebbels variety".[6]. In response, he was criticized by several "official" Russian historians, mostly for supporting works by Viktor Suvorov about the beginning of WWII [7]:40[8][9][10].


  • Solonin, Mark (2006). На мирно спящих аэродромах [At The Sleeping Airfields] (in Russian). Moscow: Eksmo. ISBN 5-699-15695-X.
  • Solonin, Mark (2007). 23 июня: „День М [June 23: M-Day] (in Russian). Moscow: Eksmo. ISBN 978-5-699-22304-6.
  • Solonin, Mark (2008). 25 июня. Глупость или агрессия? [June 25: Foolishness or Aggression?] (in Russian). Moscow: Eksmo. ISBN 978-5-699-25300-5.
  • Solonin, Mark (2008). Мозгоимение: Фальшивая история Великой войны [The Fake History of the Great War] (in Russian). Moscow: Eksmo. ISBN 978-5-699-28327-9.
  • Solonin, Mark (2008). 22 июня. Анатомия катастрофы [June 22. Anatomy of Catastrophe] (in Russian). Moscow: Eksmo. ISBN 978-5-699-30295-6.
  • Solonin, Mark (2011). Новая хронология катастрофы [A New Chronology Of The 1941 Invasion] (in Russian). Moscow: Eksmo. ISBN 978-5-699-51036-8.
  • Solonin, Mark (2013). Июнь 41-го. Окончательный диагноз [June 1941: The Final Diagnosis] (in Russian). Moscow: Eksmo. ISBN 978-5-699-67335-3.

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