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Mark Westcott is a British television producer and director based in London. Westcott’s television career began in 1992 when he devised and produced a series of programmes for British television that looked at the influence of American popular culture on the British way of life. American Affair was broadcast in 1993 and was fronted by the American radio DJ Randall Lee Rose.

Mark Westcott’s network television career began in earnest in 1997 when he worked as a director on the BBC series The Clothes Show. In the last decade he directed several episodes of BBC 1’s popular factual series DIY SOS. In 2004 he worked with the British adventurer Bear Grylls on the C4 series Escape To The Legion on which he was credited as Producer. He worked with Grylls again in 2006 on the first season of Discovery Channel’s Man Versus Wild (known in the UK as Born Survivor), directing an episode in which Grylls braved the dangers of the African bush. In the same year, Westcott also directed American survival expert Mykel Hawke in the Discovery Channel show, Science of Survival: Amazon. He was to work with Hawke again in 2011 as Supervising Field Producer on Season Two of Man, Woman, Wild. Mark Westcott is also credited as Director on two episodes of the 2008 Discovery Channel HD series, Raging Planet, Raging Planet Lightning and Raging Planet Avalanche which aired in the US, UK and internationally in late 2009.

Mark Westcott is the great-great grandson of the theologian Brooke Foss Westcott and the great nephew of Foss Westcott, Metropolitan of India until 1945.


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