Market Street Cinema

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Market Street Cinema
Imperial Theater
Market Street Cinema.jpg
Market Street Cinema in 2012
Address1077 Market Street
San Francisco
Coordinates37°46′51″N 122°24′50″W / 37.780834°N 122.4139685°W / 37.780834; -122.4139685Coordinates: 37°46′51″N 122°24′50″W / 37.780834°N 122.4139685°W / 37.780834; -122.4139685
OpenedDecember 22, 1912
ClosedFebruary, 2013
Years active101
ArchitectClifford A. Balch

Market Street Cinema was a historical theatre located on Market Street in the Mid-Market district, San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1912 by David and Sid Grauman as the Imperial Theater.[1] It was converted into a movie theatre as the Premiere Theatre (1929) and the United Artists Theatre (1931).

The benefit world premiere of Dirty Harry was held here[2] on December 22, 1971.[3][4]

In 1972 it was renamed Market Street Cinema and was used through the early 2000s as an adult entertainment venue.[5] The role of the theatre in San Francisco's sex industry in the 1980s was documented in a photo essay by photographer Leon Mostovoy.[6] In October 2015, the San Francisco Planning Commission approved a plan to demolish the theatre and replace it with an eight-story building.[7]

Market Street Cinema is considered haunted in popular culture: it features in a 2013 episode of Ghost Adventures (season 7, episode 25)[8] and was used as a shooting location by filmmaker Charles Webb for a low-budget horror movie called G-String Horror.[9]

On August 15, 2016, Mint Minx Press published the novella Market Street Cinema by author Michele Machado, narrating the fictional account of a dancer working at the club in 1998.[10]

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