Marko Lihteneker

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Marko Lihteneker
Born (1959-09-21)September 21, 1959
Died May 21, 2005(2005-05-21) (aged 45)
Mount Everest
Ski club GRS Celje

Marko Lihteneker (September 21, 1959 – May 5, 2005) was a Slovenian ski mountaineer and mountain climber.

Lihteneker, at this time member of the GRS Celje[1] took part in the 2004 World Championship of Ski Mountaineering in Aran Valley, where he placed sixth in the relay race event together with Tone Karničar, Žiga Karničar and Jernej Karničar. In May 2005, Lihteneker died in part due to oxygen problems around 8,800 m (28,871 ft) on his descent of Mount Everest after leaving the last camp. He was last seen alive a few metres from the summit, when he tried to solve problems with his oxygen system. His body was found by Chinese porters.[2] The Memorial Marka race in Staneta is named in honour of him.[3]

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