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Marley is an English-language surname with numerous etymological origins. In many cases, the surname is derived from any of several like-named placenames in England, such as those in Devon, Kent, Lancashire (Mearley), Sussex (Marley Farm) and West Yorkshire.[1][2] The placenames in Devon, Kent, and West Yorkshire are, in part, derived from the Old English element leah, meaning "woodland clearing".[2] Early forms of the surname are de Merlai, in about 1145-1165; de Mardele, in 1208; de Marley, in 1285; and de Marleye, in 1306.[1] In the 17th century, the surname was taken to Ireland by a family from Northumbria.[2] However, in some cases the surname in Ireland may be an Anglicised form of the Irish-language Ó Mearthaile[3] (another suggestion is Ó Mearlaigh; it is unlikely to be an Anglicised form of Ó Murghaile).[4] Notable people with the surname include:

Fictional characters:


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