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Marorka Ltd.
private limited company
Industry marine energy management, energy research
Founded 2002
Headquarters Reykjavík, Iceland
Key people
Jón Ágúst Thorsteinsson, founder
Kristinn A. Aspelund, Co-founder
Juergen Kudritzki, CEO
Products Marorka Onboard (energy management system), Marorka Online (energy management dashboard)

Marorka is a company which specializes in marine energy management. Marorka’s head office is in Reykjavik, Iceland along with its servers and data storage infrastructure are supplied with electricity generated using 100% renewable energy resources – geothermal and hydroelectric. Marorka has international offices in Hamburg, GE, Singapore, SG, Athens, GR and Dubai, AE. Marorka's mission is to deliver products and services to vessel owners and operators to save fuel, increase profitability and reduce harmful emissions.[1] The company was founded in June 2002 and resulted from the PhD thesis of Jón Ágúst Thorsteinsson, Entrepreneur and founder.

Marorka has developed reliable, automated, on-board and online energy management systems for the international shipping industry. Marorka’s products and services enable vessel operators to optimize fuel consumption by maximizing the energy efficiency of their vessels through the implementation of real-time monitoring and decision support, which are essential components of any operational optimization process. Marorka’s commitment towards energy efficiency goes beyond the technological dimension – ships’ officers play a significant role in increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions.

Jón Ágúst Thorsteinsson at the award ceremony in Helsinki, October 2008.

Marorka's field of work:

  • consultancy for vessel building
  • operational analysis of ocean vessels
  • development of Marorka Onboard (energy management system), the marine energy management system
  • development of Marorka Online and Marorka Online SEEMP

Marorka’s systems have been installed on board vessels of various types and sizes; Fishing vessels, Cargo vessels, Bulk carriers, LNG carriers, Cruise ships and Research vessels.

In 2008, Marorka received the Nordic Council Environment Prize. 37 companies were nominated for the award.[1]

Marorka has implemented a quality management system built on the ISO 9001:2008 standard, certified by Det Norske Veritas.

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